Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Sweet Katie-bug

Little Miss Katie-bug had quite a day yesterday. It was sunny and almost 60 and the kids begged to go to the lake again. I realize that this going-to-the-lake-every-day-thing is getting out of control, but there are so few warm days left that I gave in.

I told them I would take them when SaraGrace came home from school at noon. We were waiting outside when the bus pulled up and Kate got so excited that she turned and started to run to greet her big sister. She didn't notice the wagon handle was lying in her path, tripped and did a face plant on the sidewalk. There is nothing more sickening than the thud that a head makes hitting pavement. ugh.

She eventually stopped crying and we had a picnic at the lake. Afterward, the kids played for awhile but it wasn't long before they were pleading to take their shoes off and stick their feet in the water. Sigh...I am such a sucker. At first I said no...but then their pleading eyes caused me to lose my good sense.

"Yay! Mommy said I could take my shoes off!" (I ask you...who could resist the pure joy on this child's face at the thought of sticking her feet in the water?)

When we were about ready to wrap things up and head home, everyone was having so much fun that I hated to be bring an end to it. Kate decided to make that decision easy for us.

"Dis water is so FUN!"

"Wah...I fall in...wah....I cold now."

Yep...the poor little darlin' slipped and fell butt first into the water. She was NOT happy. I had to strip her down naked because it was too cold to be in wet clothes. She sat naked in her car seat all the way home. You would think that I would learn to put an extra set of clothes in the car but if I had thought of that, I would have only brought clothes for Jake.

Her day didn't improve much. Yesterday was INR testing day. Since she is on Coumadin, her blood has to be checked often to make sure it stays at the correct level. Thankfully, our insurance approved a home testing device so that I can do it myself (as opposed to driving her to a lab across town). The down side is that the blood drop has to be perfectly placed on the test strips or it will 'error' on me. ugh. Yesterday, I tried. Error. I tried again--meaning another finger poke--Error. Me...sweating and praying that I won't have to continue to poke her.

I said, 'I'm so sorry, Katie. I will try to do it right this time."
She snuggled into me and said, "It's okay Mama. You still be my baby."

Be still my heart. She is so sweet. I felt an inch tall as I had to poke her again. Thankfully, it worked that time. I gave her a piece of candy and she grinned at me and with a twinkle in her eye, said, 'I so bwave!"

Yes, my sweet Katie-bug. You are so brave.


sara said...

was are pictures of our kids crying so cute! ha!

if you took a change of clothes for all of them, you would have to pack a suitcase! maybe just remember a blanket next time and then any one could use it!!! :)

Lori said...

OH!! Sweet, sweet Kate!! What a rough day for her! I'm glad she took it all in stride. Bless her heart!

Kim K. said...

I love your family aKatie is such a tough little cookie. I'm so glad you are able to check her blood levels from home. Bless her sweet litle heart.

Cari said...

what a sweetheart!

(was that post suppose to bring tears to my eyes?...because it did!)

Cindy said...

Is it possible to be too precious? Cute pictures of your Katie-bug!

Adeye said...

Oh sweet sweet baby girl! I LOVE her little response to mommy hurting her :) Warms my heart on this COLD CO day!

Karin said...

Her cardiac nurse who keeps track of her Coumadin levels cried too, when I called in the results. There is must something special about a child who has been through so much but finds the ability to comfort the one poking her!

Karin said...

OK--that made no sense...ugh. Just delete the word, "must." :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Your children bless me so much! Thank you ever so much for sharing them with us.


Holly said...

Alright that made me cry.
Must issue tissue warning first friend!
Sweet girl!
I love the picture of Ryan and Chloe in the LWB Red Threads 2 book!
By the way...when is he shipping out?

Karin said...

He ships out Jan. 5th. I'm not looking forward to it.

Lynsay said...

Oh, I hate those INR machines too! She is so much braver than me, I would have cried buckets! So darling! Love you sweet girl!

Amy said...

How is it possible for her to still be that cute even when she cries??

Tracie said...

Your little Katie is so sweet!! And she is a brave little girl to make it through that with such a sweet spirit intact. precious.