Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jake, My Incorrigible Little Man

The other day we took the nine youngest kids to the pediatrician's flu clinic for their flu shots.

They split us up into two groups--four kids went with Jeff, and five with me. Jakey was in my group and the last to get his shot. As Jake dropped trou, we all cracked up to see that he had his underwear on backwards, saggy in the front and in perpetual wedge-mode in the back. He had managed to get his pants on the right way that day, but his underwear--not so much. How he can stand to go around all day with wedgie-wear is beyond me. We said in unison, "Jake, your underwear is on backwards." He grinned at us and said, "No, it not."

Today, I went out to the mailbox and when I came back, I heard the lock on the door go 'click' right before I got there. Hmmm.... A grinning little face looked out the sidelight in delight. I told the culprit --yes, it was Jake--to open the door. He tried. Nothing. Then he stood on tip-toes and tried again. A horrified look of "Oh man, I am in so much trouble," crossed his face as he realized that he wasn't tall enough to unlock it. I wasn't worried because I knew the back door was unlocked, but I pretended to be upset and told him to get Jordan. Big brother came to the rescue and Jake went to time-out. haha What a stinker!

He answers every question we ask with 'Cauthz,' which is his way of saying, 'Because.' He was in trouble-again-for taking the stickers that his siblings had gotten after their flu shots. I asked him how he would feel if someone took his sticker.

He said, 'Kaaay.' (okay)
"Jake, no, how would you FEEL if someone took your sticker?"
Me, wondering if I will ever get through, decide to try another tactic.
I said, "Do you think that SaraGrace and Jordan are sad because you took their stickers?"

Argh! Insert me wanting to bang my head on the wall. Heehee. What am I going to do with him? I can't even be annoyed with him because he is stinkin' adorable.

"I'm incorrigible, but feel free to adore me!"


Lori said...

Oh my stars. There he goes again! I can't wait to see what that kid turns out to be in life! God's got big plans for him, no doubt!

Holly said...

You must develop an immunity to cuteness my friend ;)

Beautiful Mess said...

Stinker! Good luck with developing that immunity-he has won our hearts in this household with his cuteness (and stinkerness-we are a fan)

side note--sometimes the word verification CRACKS me up--just so happens that this time it says "undeez" it made me laugh and think again of your little man and his backwards undeez :)

trustandobey said...

That's my future Son-In-Law!
Kate puts her shoes on backwards too. Maybe it's a Guatemalan thing:) Too Cute!!!

Jackie said...

Oh, he dose have stinkin' adorable written all over his face; doesn't he? Can you even imagine him at, say, 15, 16 years old? Whoa!

Kim K. said...

I agree with Lori. I can't wait to see what's in store for Jake!

Mom Of Many said...

He is just so cute! He's adorable!