Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Big Thank-You from Lynsay

Lynsay posted a 'Thank-You' and update on her personal blog about the Blog Baby Shower, and gave me permission to post that 'thank-you' here. I am only posting parts of her note, so please click on the link if you would like to read it in it's entirety.

Friday, October 23, 2009
I'm completely overwhelmed.

...Over $3000 has been given for the purpose of buying the things we need for the babies new home. That is incredible!

And I just want to say something about you guys. Many of you left a note with your donation saying, "use this where you need it." So as I was trying to mark off on the list things we had received, I decided to go with the baby things first, things I knew that you would like to have purchased if you went to the store. But now, as those things have been "purchased" I'm getting notes like, "this is for the sink" or "this is for the shoe rack!"

I mean, seriously, who wants to bring a sink and a shoe rack to a shower!! If I was at home I would probably just go buy the person something else, something I liked, and save the shoe rack for them to get themselves!! But not you guys! You know we need it, as silly as a shoe rack and sink are, and you filled the need. I just want you know know how thankful I am!

The other thing that amazes me is that of the donations we know about, at least 90% of them are from families that we have never even heard of, much less met!

So from all the babies at Morning Star Family Home, the ones that we will have, and the ones that we will touch from afar, THANK YOU!!

Lynsay, Bill and the babies at Morning Star
Lynsay also has new photos of the babies on the Morning Star blog. I had no success trying to poach those photos to post here, so please go and take a peek at them. They are SO CUTE!!


Holly said...

As Linny says, Yippee Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! We made it to Boston! Thanks for getting rid of the snow. It is beautiful here!