Monday, October 12, 2009

Sneak peek... our fun day at a lake that we recently found. Tomorrow we are hoping to go 'leaf peeping' in northern Mass., so more pictures will hopefully be coming later in the week.

Just had to post this of some geese who were at the lake when we arrived. So fun to see more of God's creation! Could they be any more perfect?

My cute little companions

Despite the fact that it was 53 degrees, my kids' feet were soon in the water

The camera doesn't do justice to this beautiful tree. It was actually even more gorgeous in person.


Holly said...

Beautiful stuff. Makes it worth the move, right? Right?
Your kids get to me every time. Every. Time.
I have no idea what God has planned for me, but I know this: it isn't what I have in mind!

Kim K. said...

Those swans don't even look real. Your pictures are just amazing. I always look forward to the latest installment.

Lori said...

Wonderful! I'm so going to jump on a plane and come have coffee with you while the vast array of colors surround us! :)

The swans...I agree with Kim, they dont' look real! The are so perfectly positioned. A greeting card photo, for sure.

Jean said...

Love the color!! Our leaves just didn't do it this year- too dry then he snow came.

Love your cute companions!!

The swans pic- wow- beautiful!

Karin said...

I cropped the swan pic. They weren't perfectly placed in the original. :) I actually had the wrong lens on my camera when they were out there making their 'heart' but I just prayed and snapped away without my telephoto lens. God was gracious--and the picture was clear enough to get cropped.

Wife of the Pres. said...

It is so beautiful there! And the geese … how could one see that and not KNOW there is a CREATOR?! Amazing pic. You need to enter that in some contest.

Your kids … precious as always. How do you get them to smile so much and all at the same time?

Our leaves are still green, and it rains here every day. NOT NORMAL for my neck of the woods. We are driving up through the mtns. to DC, so we're hoping to see some great fall colors on the way up.

Enjoy the rainy day! :) Leslie