Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Flip-flop kind of day

Any day that you can wear flip-flops outdoors is a good day. And guess what....


The oinking flu is slowly making its way through the kids, but honestly, it is not as horrible as it sounds. The older girls are feeling much better. Two of them have been fever free for 24 hours, but they are still coughing, which prevents them from going to school. I know their cough is still contagious, so I don't want to share the love with their classmates. Taylor is happy to have eeked out a 99.4 degree temp so that he can stay home tomorrow. I am only letting him stay home because he has had a really bad headache for two days, which is part of the virus. Jake and Jordan both have fevers, but as long as I keep them controlled with meds, they can play happily.

Since it was warm today--68 degrees! Woohoo!!--we all went outside and played.

Jake and Zoey love to ride two-wheelers with training wheels but they haven't mastered the art of steering. They ride like maniacs and when they want to stop, they kind of aim in the general direction of grass. When they hit the grass, they lean so that the bike tips over and they tumble off. They quickly hop up, brush themselves off and announce to all nearby, "I okay!"

"I can't stop! Lean to the right!"

"Brakes are over-rated. This is way more fun!"

'I okay!"
"Me, too!"
"Wheeeee...let's do that again!"

Sweet Kate, is still struggling to figure out how pedals work. She resembles someone who is learning to drive a stick-shift with a clutch. Start. Stop. Start. Roll backwards. Stop. Start.

She fell over too, but not on purpose. She started to cry and then stopped and said, "I okay!"

"Pssst...I just played a joke on my sisters..."

I love the look on Jordan's face as he looks at Chloe--who had him on her lap on the swing.

Chloe's first day of feeling well.

"Mom...I dwibing my bike into da woods."
Translation: Mom, I'm driving my bike into the woods.

"Awww...Mom...I'm stuck in da wocks."

"Pleeeeeese, help me move my bike, Mom. Pleeeese."

"I REALLY need some help. I'll give you my cutie-pie face so you can adore me."

There is something so precious about a little boy, his Radio Flyer trike and cheap knock-off Converse tennis shoes.


Kimberlie said...

Oh you have had so much fun today! It rained here. We are in that time of year where it's 60 degrees one day, 80 degrees the next, the 60 and rainy the day after that (like today). Yesterday we were sweating and I wondered if I would have to turn the air back on. Today not so much.

I am so glad your kids are dealing with the flu fairly well. So far only #2 has had it. He has a horrible cough too but they didn't say anything about having to keep him home. I wonder if I should maybe. I thought if he was fever free he was not contagious. I better check on that.

You have such a beautiful and fun family!!! Many hugs!

Tracie said...

Precious, precious children!! I'm glad to hear that y'all are working back toward health.

I wear flip flops year round!! (even when my toes turn blue!!) of course, I think that it gets colder where you are than it does down here in Florida!

Lori said...

Oh my, that Jake! If he isn't the cutest little stinker!!

So glad you had a nice day to play outside!

Oh and the kids' haircuts look great! :)

Angie said...

Oh, man! If my kids get the flu, I hope they're as happy looking as yours! Are you sure they had the flu or did they fake it for some extra play time?? :)

Kathleen said...

I love the last photo. What a moment in time...I am glad that your gang is starting to feel better.


Kim K. said...

I'm glad it's getting better around your homestead. Perhaps, the worst is over!! Adorable pics. Jake's closeup of his shoes and his bike is the essence of being a kid. Beautiful shot. Hugs!

Mom Of Many said...

Such sweet pictures! Oh my gracious! Love the ones of them falling off their bikes and getting up. Totally my kids too! And love Jake's face. He is just adorable!

I have been praying for your family since I heard you guys had the SF. Relieved to hear they are doing better!! Yippee Jesus!!

Will keep praying till it oinks its way out of your home...xo

Cari said...

LOL...great pics & post! Glad you are able to manage the sickies. :)

Flip flop days are my favorite as well!! It's been nicer weather the past two few days here, too.

Karin said...

They look better than they feel. They are aching, coughing up lungs and blowing their noses--but at least they are no longer lying in bed moaning. Jake and Jordan do not seem nearly as sick as the big girls were. I think little kids tend to be more active when sick, though, than the older kids.