Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, rain go away

It's raining today--one of those steady rains that you know will last all day. The kids had vacation days yesterday and today, but are back to school tomorrow. So...no fun trip to northern Mass. to see the leaves. Rats. Somehow I just don't think the kids would enjoy riding for a few hours on the highway, see trails but not be able to get out of the van...more riding...and more riding...then riding home. Um...yeah...I don't think so.

Instead...I wanted to post the list of things that Bill and Lynsay at Morning Star Foundation will need to get their foster home up and running. No gift is too small. Truly. If we all sent $10, it would go a long way. They are giving up a comfy life in the U.S. to be able to help these fragile children and this is our chance to show them that we support what they are doing...that we have not forgotten them. All of the babies who live there have special needs. It's so easy to go to their website and click on their "Donate" button. It will take you less than five minutes. You will be making an eternal difference.

I asked Lynsay for a list of items they need so that we could have an idea of what it will cost. They currently have five babies--but hope to take in twelve.

Needs List from Lynsay: September 2009

We are renovating a 10 room house. All the furnishings for 3 bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry are needed.
  • Bedrooms-
  • Cribs- 10 cribs needed. Working on getting a better price, will probably have them made. Worst case means purchasing from major store-$100 each.
  • Bedding- Sheets, bumpers and blankets. $20 each crib
  • Artwork for walls- $40 per room (3 bedrooms)
  • Changing table- $20 x 4
  • Dresser- $100 x 3
  • Window Coverings- $60 x 3 bedrooms
  • Dining Room-
  • Dining table and chairs- $100
  • High chairs- 4 at $20 each
  • Wall art- $25
  • Window coverings- $25
  • Kitchen-
  • Stovetop- $100
  • Refrigerator- $375
  • Misc. Kitchen supplies including Knives, 2 wok ($30,) utensils, plates and bowls.
  • Sink- $125
  • Sterilizer- $250
  • Playroom-
  • Artwork- $50
  • Window Coverings- $40
  • Small indoor play toys- currently working on price, probably around $150
  • TV- $150
  • Bookshelf- $50
  • Isolation room/clinic-
  • Locking cabinet- $125
  • Window covering- $30
  • Storage room-
  • Wire Shelving- $25 x 8
  • Rubbermaid style boxes for storage- $5 x 20
  • Office-
  • Desk- $50 x 2
  • Laptop computer (for purposes of being able to take with us to avoid theft and so that we always have info with us) ? Unknown cost. Around $800? Would like to purchase outside of ch*na.
  • Futon- $90
  • Window coverings- $30
  • Dorm room for nannies-
  • 4 beds- $100 each
  • Nightstands- $15 x 4
  • Lamps- $10 x 4
  • Shoe rack- $10
  • Bedding- $40 x 4
  • Window Covering- $30
  • Laundry room-
  • Sink- $50
  • Hot Water Washer- $350
  • Clothes drying rack- $100
  • Shelving- $75
  • Bathroom-
  • Shelving with individual locked cubbies for nanny storage- $200
  • Towels and washrags- $50 for all
  • Yard-
  • Sod- Unknown price
  • Playground- also working on price
  • Day to day needs-
  • Diapers- $28 for box of 170 (working on better pricing)
  • Formula- $14 per can, need 2-3 cans a day with 12 kids
  • Money for staff and baby food- Approx $10-15 a day (with new home staff)
  • Medicines- Spend approx. $50 a month on local meds, donated meds always needed.
  • Wipes- $2 per pack
  • Large Items-
  • Air Conditioning units- 6 units, 4 small units, $350 each, 2 large units, $750 each
  • Heating system- currently unknown, greater than $3000
  • Yearly heat and electricity cost- estimate- $3500
  • Safe- $400
  • Time Stamp- $150


Kim K. said...

Consider it done. I just made an online donation.

Susan said...


Never commented before, but love your blog and your adorable family :) Thanks for the fabulous and convenient way to support the needs of Morning Star Foundation, plus the added bonus who will benefit. Love the baby pics.

God bless and thank-you for making me aware of this need and allowing me to prayerfully and financially support this need.

Karin said...

Thank you SO much for donating!!

trustandobey said...

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to say hello. Thank you for bringing these needs to light. The babies are yummy! I think my husband would turn inside out if I wanted to bring another one home but he is all for supporting them monetarily until a family can be found.
ps-raining here too
pss-how is potty training going with your Kate?