Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Portrait Frustration

We have photos of our kids hanging in the hall. One of Ryan & Taylor, Jillian & Molly, and Chloe & SaraGrace. I have single photos of each child, but the photos of two, together are kind of special. So far, I have been totally unsuccessful at getting photos of the little boys and the little girls together. I had one taken of Jordan and Jake taken at WalMart last year that was so awful I never framed it.

So...today. I suddenly realized that decent weather is slipping away and I still haven't gotten the photos I want.

The day was also slipping away, so I dashed upstairs and threw together some outfits for the kids. They dutifully got ready with the promise of a 'treat' dancing in their heads. (No...I am not above bribing them for photos. I realize this is an ugly thing about myself.)

As we pulled out of the driveway, it's started sprinkling. Hmmmph. We must press on.

I was able to get a few so-so shots, but man, so many of them didn't turn out. The kids are just at the age where they give me these totally fake smiles that make them look constipated. Then there were a few photos that were perfect...except...slightly blurry. argh. That's what happens when you don't use a trained professional to take the photos.

Bless their little hearts--they were good sports about the whole thing. I rewarded them with a stop at McD*nalds for little bags of McD*nald land cookies. By the way they pounced on them with unbridled glee, I'm guessing I could probably drag another photo shoot out of them. Or maybe not.

Can you tell that Zoey is saying, "Cheeeeese?"

Now they are both saying 'Cheeese.'

The triplets

Brotherly love

Not totally happy with this, but it might have to do.

"Hey, Katie-bug, you should come up here!"


trustandobey said...

These are really sweet! I think they came out great! And the color is really pretty. If you would get some of the software we talked about, you could have fun tweaking the shots. Ask for Photoshop for Christmas. You will have a ball with it.
ps-Give my son-in-law a big kiss from me and Kate...handsome little thing:)

Cari said...

Karin...of course your pictures are beautiful as always! But the last one...(gasp)...took my breath away. It is definitely worth a thousand words! :)

Adeye said...

I think they are all absolutely stunning!!! LOVE the triplet one. So beautiful.

Have I told you that you are such an amazing photographer???

Kim K. said...

Just lovely. They are darling...right down to their adorable outfits. Great job, Mom!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Seriously. I would frame ANY of these. Great photos!

As for the "cheese" I always tell my kids to say "pickles" and if you time it just right, it looks fairly natural right at the end of the word.

It probably helps that all 3 of mine LOVE, LOVE pickles.


P.S. About your note on my blog, I am going to need at least one (maybe two) RH waivers. ;)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful babies!!! They are all great, but I love, love, love the last one of the girls! Too sweet!



Tracie said...

These are really great.....the last one is so awesome!!! I could see that making it into a magazine!

As always I love seeing your great pics! (I'm sure that a professional wouldn't have done any better!)

Angie said...

I don't know, but if my shots came out like yours did, I'd be thrilled! I think they look great! We did a photo shoot with a professional last Sunday, and I'm hoping for one good one..."cheesy smiles," and Laura would NOT look at the camera, let alone muster a hint of a smile.

Sharon said...

Karin, I love the pictures! My favorites to be framed for the hallway are the ones toward the bottom with only leaves in the background. I missed the post earlier about little Katie Bug. She is such a sweet little thing and it's so good that you can now do some of the testing at home.

James, Dawn and Family said...

I love all the pictures but the one of Katie & Zoe is breathtaking. I love it when you can capture the essance of a childs soul in pictures. They are all beautiful!!

Karin said...

You guys are all so encouraging!! I am really praying about becoming a better photographer in hopes that God could use me in some way to bless others. And of course, it's fun to get some shots of my kids. :) That last photo was a total God thing. The girls were actually looking at each other like that for a split second and I saw "PHOTO OP!" The photo is actually posed because Kate walked away and I had to ask them to look at each other again. But truly--I pray before I take photos and sometimes I know that God has just arranged one for me. That photo was one of those times.

Cindy said...

HI Karin!
The pictures are priceless!

Gorgeous shots that I hope you do frame an put on your wall! Love the happy smiles, made me smile.

Cindy said...
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Chris said...

I too would be pleased w/ those pics. come take some for me :^)

Holly said...

Girl these are BEAUTIFUL!
Of course your subjects are awfully adorable in ANY attire!
If I could get to your side of the country, I'd take some of your photography blessings!!

Karin said...

Holly...if you were anywhere close, I would be honored to take photos of you all. :) They would probably turn out blurry or something--but I would still love to try! :)

quilt-n-mama said...

I love all the fall pictures of your kiddos! We just got back from DC and I loved being back that way for a few days of fall... my poor kids kept saying... Mama, look at all the pretty trees (we don't have many trees where we live and they do not turn pretty colors!)
Your special lake sounds awesome too:) What a special place to slip away to these last few days of fall!
Thanks for sharing!

mom2-4boys said...

I love them all, but the fence post one is adorable...

Don't worry you always have the snow pictures... I love winter time pictures when their cheeks are all rosy and their noses pink and runny from the cold. No, really... I am serious. I love them at night in the snow even better the snow flakes sparkle.

So don't worry you have plenty of time..