Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Hike

Some of the kids and I went for a hike in the woods today. It is so pretty right now...the flowering trees are pretty much done, but there are a lot of spring wildflowers blooming.

When we returned home, the little kids were done napping and came outside to play in the yard.

Zoey has taken a liking to this baseball hat she found in the closet. It completely escaped her attention that the hat and her ruffled shirt were incongruous.

" got, like, three feet of air that time." -Napoleon Dynamite

"There once was a girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead..."
Kate is recovering well, although we have noticed that she is a bit puffy around the eyes. She also had some unusual sweating this morning that concerned us. I upped her Lasix (which the doctor gave me latitude to do), and we are hoping it does the trick.

Can you stand the cuteness?! This morning during church, I heard the people behind us say, "That little guy is so cute but you can sure see the mischief in his eyes." Snicker.... Oh, if they only knew...


Lori said...

Pedro is right...3 feet of air for sure! Heehee! (Truly one of my favorite movies ever!)

I'm not sure if you are just an incredibly gifted photographer or your subjects are just not capable of a bad pic...I think it's both. :)

Oh that Jake....mischief in his eyes INDEED!! And adorable as can be.

Joyful Mom said...

What gorgeous pics of your family. Wow, it looks like you are having stunning weather. I wish it would come my way :(.

You are such a blessed mommy. Your quiver is full, sweet friend.

Kim K. said...

The cuteness factor is definitely high in your house. You are so great at capturing the perfect shot. I hope Kate's puffiness clears up. Keep us posted.

Chris said...

Makes me want to get a better camera, or take more with what I have. Jake will get away with everything with that grin!