Monday, May 11, 2009

An Act of Futility

Upon reaching the dentist office today, I did a 'hmmmmm....' It was not at the U of M--although it was close by. It turns out that the U of M gave me the wrong phone number. When I had originally called the number, I didn't listen closely when they answered--just heard the 'dentist' part and gave them my little spiel.

As we were sitting in the waiting room, I began to realize that I had been sent to the wrong place. Several explanations later and lots of blah, blah, blah, we had a solution. The dentist will send a referral letter to the U of M dental school, marked URGENT since Kate is in pain from her teeth, and hopefully we will get her to the right place very soon.

Since she is on Coumadin, (a blood thinner), I was told by her cardiologist, to order her a medical alert bracelet. Wow...have they improved the styles. Look how cute her bracelet is!

Little Jake has been watching big brother, Taylor, doing skateboarding tricks. Jake has been using anything he can find, as a stand in for a skateboard. The bathroom scale was his latest favorite.
"Wook, Mom, wook...I hab a catebowd."
"Yes, Jake, that's a cool skateboard."

He is a happy boy tonight after I found this bargain at the store today.

"Wook, Mom...I do twicks."

Hopefully everyone will notice my sparkly eyes and not the fact that I am wearing my sister's flip-flops and have my pants on backwards again.

After Jake was in bed, one of his sisters told me that on her trip to the bathroom, she noticed that Jake had his skateboard in bed with him. I checked, and sure enough...


Lynsay said...

My first thought was, it has GOT to be harder to put your pants on backwards than forwards....but then I realized they probably don't snap. My second thought was, nice shoes, they really go well with the skateboard....third thought.....poor Kate! Love you guys!

Joyful Mom said...

Oh gosh, those bracelets sure have come a long way! Wow.

What gorgeous pics of your sweet boy. What a sweetie pie you have. LOVE the shoes :)

Thank you for your words of encouragement tonight, I really appreciate it heaps, friend. I will mention the condition you wrote about at our appointment tomorrow. I seem to recall it being when kids do have some speech? Haven has absolutely nothing. Not a single word.

Kim K. said...

Her bracelet is darling but too bad about the dentist mix-up.

Sweet pics of the skateboard. This will be great pictures someday at a high school graduation party...hee hee!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, does it get any cuter than that?? I am lovin' that little guy!! What a personality!!

And yes, that bracelet is WAY better than they used to be! Golly, a girl's gotta have style! Thank goodness.

Shonni said...

He has such a cute face! and the skateboard in bed is precious.