Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Zoey the Dribbler...

It has recently come to our attention that Zoey loves basketball. I showed her how to dribble a basketball ONCE and she can actually do it. She just turned THREE! She can dribble at least 6 - 7 times in a row. My junior high coach couldn't do that (but we won't go there)! The basketball is bigger than Zoey's head but she can run, dribble and shoot. She makes less than half of her shots, but she is a very determined little girl, and keeps at it until it goes in. She cracks us up!

She shoots!

She scores!

We're thinking that maybe we should get her a smaller basketball! The big one keeps getting stuck in the net.

I pray a lot that God will help Jeff and I to know what gifts God has given to our kids so that we can encourage them. I'm guessing Zoey will be into sports. :) Molly, on the other hand, has always been intrigued by medical stuff. A few years ago, she made her own 'shot' out of a medicine syringe and a sewing pin. She put the pin inside the syringe and gave her stuffed animals their immunizations. When she came to visit Kate in PICU, she made a beeline for Kate's medical equipment and wanted to know what everything was and how it worked. A few days before Kate was discharged, the staff gave her a stuffed animal with a lot of real medical supplies. Things like the electrodes and wires that were put on her chest to monitor her heartbeat, doll sized-hospital gown, mask, etc. It was SO COOL!!! I knew that Kate wouldn't appreciate it the way Molly would, so I gave it to her. She was THRILLED! She took it a step farther a few days ago, though. She put several straws together to make IV tubing and attached a sandwich bag to that. She hooked it on a doorknob to keep it elevated above her patient. The other end was attached to her bear with--of course--a syringe with a pin stuck in it. :)

My two sick girls seem to be feeling better tonight. They were both in the 99 degree range part of the day, but normal tonight. They are bored out of their skulls and hoping to go to school tomorrow.

Kate continues to heal well and today she ate a decent amount of food. Yay! She is battling thrush again because Mommy forgot some of the four-per-day-doses of Nystatin that she is supposed to take. Bad Mommy. ugh. She can't eat for 20 min. after taking it, and I only seem to think about it around meal times.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, which meant I followed the kids around with my camera.

SaraGrace is always eager to strike a pose

Jake is full of the JOY of LIFE and oblivious to the fact that he put his pants on backwards that morning

Both boys concentrate with their tongues hanging out, 'cause, you know, digging is serious business

Kate actually draped herself over the bar and looked at me--as if BEGGING me to take her picture. hahaha

Lovin' life!


Kim K. said...

What fun pictures. I just want this warm weather to last forever. Your kids look like they are having so much fun playing outside. I'm sorry Kate's thrush is back. All that nasty medicine isn't fun to keep track of. Hugs!!

Cari Bacon said...

A lot of LOL's and AWE's with this post. The pictures are so precious. So glad to see your kids just being kids and gettin' dirty! Molly's fluid bag hook up was so cute and very creative. That's one smart girl!

K said...

Hi, I keep reading about your battles with trying to get rid of that thrush. I'm sure people have told you all about yogurt, but there is a particular yogurt I've used that is guaranteed to have something like a Billion live cells per teaspoon. I think it's called Super K. I get it in the cooler at my local health food store's supplement section, not the regular grocery cooler.

Your children look so happy. I love the bear patient!

Lori said...

Oh my stars, your children are so precious! GREAT pics!

One of my constant prayers for my children is that they would hear God's calling early in life and run after what He has gifted them to do.

Lucy is getting the hang of dribbling too!! Isn't it fun to see new little talents in them? Sooo great!

Thank you JESUS for our sweet children!

Meredith said...

I can't believe how well Zoey can play! That's amazing!!
All the other pictures are great too!

Joyful Mom said...

Oh how I have missed seeing your gorgeous family. Kate looks wonderful! Wow, how amazing is our God? It looks like life is pretty much back to normal for you. So thankful.

The pics are absolutely stunning, friend. You are an amazing photographer.

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
You are so right. Kids are a gift that you just get to keep unwrapping to see what the next layer holds. Adopted children are even a little more so since we have no clue as to their gene pool. Discovering their talents along the way is one of many blessings. Your pictures are delicious!

David and Sarah said...

Kids are so creative! I love the IV.

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful treasures.


mncfi said...

Beautiful pictures Karin, beautiful kids! I love seeing Kate's lips so pink.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your children are precious! I enjoyed your sweet post.