Tuesday, May 05, 2009

True Story Tuesday

Some bloggers have started doing "True Story Tuesday" and there is a cute button to go with it...but I don't have time to find it. I will occasionally participate in this, though. :) While Kate was in the hospital, this story came up while we were sitting around visiting with family.

New Uses for a Swiffer

It happened about five years ago. Ryan was babysitting Chloe while the rest of us were at church on a week night. On my way home, Ryan called my cell phone to ask when we would be home. I said we would be home in five minutes and then he began to tell his story.

Ryan: Chloe pooped.
Me: snicker.... I'll change her when I get home.
Ryan: It was soooo gross.
Me: Did you change her?
Ryan: Yeah...I got the Swiffer mop and attached a wet wipe to it. I told Chloe to hold her butt up in the air and then I wiped it from across the room with the Swiffer mop thing.
Me: (Cracking up) Did it work?
Ryan: Yeah...but I barfed two times.
Me: You ACTUALLY barfed?
Ryan: Yeah...the first time I barfed a lot, the second time just a little.
Me: Oh Ryan...really?
Ryan: Yeah...MOM! It didn't smell like anything a human could do. It was so bad.
Me: (Dying laughing...totally cracking up) Oh, sorry you had such a bad night!!

He really DID wipe her butt with the Swiffer mom from across the room (well...the handle is probably 4 feet long or so). He actually demonstrated his technique when I got home.

You have to admire his ingenuity!

Ryan and Chloe around the time of the "Swiffer Incident" as it came to be known...


Kim K. said...

Ok. I'm just spit out my sandwich while I was eating lunch because I was laughing so hard. I'm also sitting in a cafeteria at my University in between teaching classes and my colleagues are wondering what the heck I'm laughing about. This is priceless.

I'm wondering if the makers of swifters should know about this...hee hee..

Elaine said...

Oh I was having a bad day and this just cracked me up! I have tears streaming down my face! I am mom to six, three older boys and three younger girls and they have come up with some good ones to change their sisters diapers but this is the best I have ever heard! Thank you for making my day!

Chris said...

I better not let my boys know that method...love it!

Tracy said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That story totally made my day. Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing.

sara said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! I needed that laugh today!!!

David and Sarah said...

Oh, that is too funny!

Tony and Rett said...


That is TOO funny!

Thanks for making me laugh!

James, Dawn and Family said...

James & I were laughing so hard. We had a terrible day & realized nothing can be too bad when you have wonderful kids & laughter!

Holly said...

Okay, that is seriously funny. I have a 14 year old who won't even do that...but I'll have to mention it to him as an option. I too have gotten a phone call similar to yours and mine too would actually barf at the sight of poop. No kidding. He used to throw up looking at his baby sister's poopy diapers when he was three.
Yeah, he's gonna have to work on that before he becomes a daddy someday!
Blessings to you,
Holly from The Purpose Driven Family (private but soon to open up again!)

Pam D said...

Oh my gosh, this totally cracked me up! You really need to link it to Rachel's site, Once Upon a Miracle (http://tris-adventures.blogspot.com/). She would LOVE this! Thanks for stopping by my blog from I Heart Faces!