Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Dad

This is my Dad. :) I am requesting prayers for him on several fronts. One...he is going to India on May 26th on a mission trip with Advancing Native Missions (ANM). They are traveling to Orissa, which has been the site of much horrible persecution of Christians in the past year or so. He applied for his visa as a 'tourist' as instructed by ANM. Two days ago, he received word that his visa application was denied and that he needed to apply as 'missionary.' ANM has never had a problem with this before and they are doing all that they can to get my dad a visa. The Indian embassy said it would 'take a long time' to get the proper visa issued. Well, my dad doesn't have 'a long time.' He needs the visa in his hand by May 23rd, to be able to get on the plane on the 26th. Please pray that God will make this happen!!

My dad also has diabetes and the trip could be very hard on him. Please pray that he will stay healthy. The team is going to be running ragged for the 2.5 weeks that they are in India, so they need God's strength to get them through it.

I will try to post updates on the trip (before and during) to give you a glimpse into the situation there for our sweet Christian brothers and sisters in India.

When my dad returns from India, he will be undergoing cryosurgery for aggressive prostate cancer. Please pray that it is successful and that it doesn't spread before he can have the surgery. His doctor said it was okay to wait until he returned from India.


Lori said...

Oh wow!! Yes, count on me to PRAY HARD! What a huge heart your dad has to give of himself to serve the Lord in the midst of illnesses.

You two look so much alike!! So cute!

Please keep us updated!!

Lori said...

Oh and thank you so very much for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog! It helped me a lot.

You are a treasure!!

Shonni said...

I was thinking the same thing that Lori wrote...what a huge heart you father has to go and serve the LORD!!!
I pray that the LORD directs you fathers steps and for good health!

Kim K. said...

Lots of prayers for your Dad. I can definitely see the similiarities between you and your Dad. He sounds like he has a HUGE heart (just like his daughter).

PS. My father was finally released yesterday from the hospital.

Mom Of Many said...

Wow Karin, How blessed you are. Your dad just exudes the love of Christ...such a treasure for you to have. We have friends who run an orphanage in Bombay and so India is near to our hearts. Our daughter Autumn was there for 2 months with YWAM as well - and she LOVED it. I pray that your dad's VISA is miraculously granted and that he is completely healed of the prostate cancer. SO thankful that we know Jehovah Rapha!! Plase keep us posted! xo