Monday, May 04, 2009

Still sick

Chloe and Jillian are still sick with fevers. Jillian perked up for a bit this afternoon but then went back up to 103 degrees tonight. I have quarantined them in one room and am hoping to keep the germs at bay. Praying, praying, praying that none of the little kids get it. If they do, Kate is almost sure to get it. ugh. She is on a diuretic, which keeps fluid from building up in her chest, but it also means that she could quickly dehydrate if she got a fever. Molly had this virus while Kate was in the hospital and it lasted about four days. I don't want to think about Kate having a high fever for four days!


Kim K. said...

Your poor kiddos. These germs are nasty right now. I remember wanting to keep Josie in a bubble away from everyone. It's kinda hard to do under one roof. Extra hugs!!

David and Sarah said...

Praying for all your kids--but especially Kate.