Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for a God who is living and active in my life. Miss Katie-bug has a mouthful of cavities and needs seven cavities and two crowns. Because of her heart condition, the cardiologist said that she needed to come to the U of M dentist school so that the work could be done in one fell swoop under anesthesia. She cannot have anesthesia in a dentist office because it's too risky. the hospital she goes. She is having pain in her teeth, so I don't want to put off the dental work.

We received a notice in the mail that our dentist appointment was scheduled for July 23. Well, that was a problem. We will be moving around mid-July. I called them and explained our sob story situation. They said they were sorry, but they were fully booked. They do not keep a cancellation list, so if you want to get in, you just have to keep calling and hope you get lucky. *Sigh*

I hung up and prayed that God would get us in sooner. I knew that I would only occasionally think of calling the dentist, so if God didn't step in, we would not get an earlier appointment.

A few hours later, the phone rang. It was the dental office. They had just gotten a cancellation for Thursday. Could we come?! Woohoo!! So not only did they have an earlier date, but THEY CALLED ME!

Thank you, God, for caring about even the smallest details of our lives.
Update on Ryan's decision re: the Army, he is proceeding in that direction and needs to go through some testing. He seems confident that he will end up enlisting. Our girls are just finding out and they are upset. Chloe, especially, has always been Ryan's little buddy. She is already very worried and asked me tonight,
"Mom is Ryan going to be in the Army?"

I said I wasn't sure and then she said fearfully, 'Will he get hurt?"

Watching them deal with it is worse than dealing with it myself. I pray that God will give us wisdom and enable us to reassure and comfort them.

Ryan and Katie-bug


Cari Bacon said...

That is so awesome about the dental appointment! God is certainly in the details. PTL!!

Praying for God's guidance's and protection with your son's decision on the army.

Kim K. said...

Best wishes with Katie's dental appt. I'll be thinking of you both. Post updates when you can. I'm also praying for your son's protection with his army decision.

Holly said...

I am praying right now for wisdom and discernment for your son Ryan. May the Lord close the door if this isn't in His will and allow the door to open and let Ryan walk through if this is His will.
I know that when my hubby enlisted I was terrified. I was afraid of having the govt. be in control of our lives but you know, it has been so good. God has blessed us so much through this life and we have learned so much that we wouldn't have learned as civilians.
Plus, the Army life is what enabled us to adopt our son from China. Believe it or not, as only an E5, we more than qualified to adopt him and the Army will reimburse $2000 worth of adoption expenses after the adoption is completed :) We used the JAG office for all our county notarizations and saved the money not having to have them state notarized b/c JAG seals go straight to DC so that was a huge plus for us! Our new son was immediately covered under our insurance and they have paid for every visit, test, surgical procedure, you name it with no cost to us! We call it a gift from the Lord! Hubby also got 21 days of adoption leave :)
Just wanted to help you see that the Army really does have lots to college courses online to finish a degree too!
May the Lord open and close doors according to His purposes.

Wife of the Pres. said...

What a great story of God's movement for the dental appt!

And what an AMAZING photograph! Why are you asking my advice about manual?! I do like trying it out, but auto. works out very well too! :)

Joyful Mom said...

Praying for your mommy-heart as your precious son makes big decisions. Wow, some day it will be my turn--I know who to come to for advice :)

That is such a gorgeous pic of Ryan and Kate. Stunning.