Wednesday, May 20, 2009

India update from my Dad

No sign of my dad's visa yet...please keep praying!

He asked me to post this message about one of the pastors there so you could get a glimpse into what they are suffering for being Christians. I have removed the names to protect their privacy.
XXXXXX was in the U.S. last fall when the presecution began. His wife and family ran into the jungle as the extremists came to their village. They watched their home burned. For a time XXXXXX was unable to contact them and did not know what had happened.

XXXXXX is a leader of many churches, and because of his position, for a time his name was on a hit list during the trouble.

His ministry is named: xxxxxxx and is located in the XXXXXX District of Orissa, where we will conduct the first two conferences. XXXXXXXX is an approved partner ministry of of six in Orissa, most of which were affected by the persecution.

The current weather in India is ranging from 90 -110 in Calcutta and Delhi respectively..


Lori said...

I was just praying for your dad this morning. I will continue with fervor.

I breaks my heart to pieces hearing the stories of persecution. We have it so good in this country...they may make fun of us in the media & such but thankfully we don't suffer like they do elsewhere.

Thank you JESUS for our freedom and protection in America.

Tammy said...

I was just telling my mom about your dad. I know you are so proud of him! I will continue to pray.