Thursday, May 28, 2009

TODAY is Thursday....auuugggghhhhh....

Ha...some of you probably caught the fact that I posted "Thankful Thursday" on Wed. I didn't even realize it until about five minutes ago. This is where I should insert a witty comment about aging, but I just can't think of one.

Kate's appointment went fine. When we pulled into the hospital parking area, she said, "No surgery! No surgery!" Poor little lamb! I reassured her that they were just going to look at her teeth. She quietly said, "OK."

Despite taking SaraGrace and having the dentist pretend on her first, Kate got hysterical when it was her turn. Mercifully, it was over very quickly and it was confirmed that she will need to be admitted and put under anesthesia to do the dental work. We hope to get a date in early July.

We stopped by PICU to see baby Mason. He is on a CPAP machine and is wearing a little cap-like thing on his head to hold it in place. Please stop by his website to see a photo of him SMILING! Please keep praying--he is still having a tough time with his lung and they are considering a tracheotomy. His parents could use some encouragement, so if you stop by his website, please leave a comment!

Some pics from the past few days...

"I think I look very hip despite having my sunglasses on upside down."

"Would you like some of my sand chocolate pie?"

"I don't need no stinkin' bath!"

"My mom spotted this bench and wanted someone to pose so she could practice taking pictures."

Ryan graduates tomorrow! He brought his cap and gown home today and we are very excited for the big night!


Kim K. said...

I'm glad you both survived Kate's first step in her dental procedures. I never even picked up on the early post yesterday. I'm not blaming it on my age though...hee hee.

Holly said...

oh how little one also wears his sunglasses upside down...because that is the only way they stay on his face! Asian children don't have the long bridge part of the nose like caucasian children wearing them upside-down keeps them on!
I think someone should invent some Asian-friendly sunglasses for tykes :)
But for now, my 3 year old China bug doesn't mind ONE bit wearing his just like your sweat pea does :)

Lori said...

Lucy often wears her glasses upside down too!! Like Holly said, it's gotta be an Asian nose thing. SO CUTE!

I can't believe you would make little Jake take a bath...a little sand in the sheets never hurt anyone! Heehee.

I noticed your Thankful Thursday post yesterday....but it didn't even register in my brain that it was actually Wednesday. Aging allows us to dismiss the unimportant details.