Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Potty Train

I can't remember which one of our kids thought that getting potty trained was 'getting on the potty train.' ha.

I want to get off.

Jake decided to potty train himself last week. I have no clue what motivated him to do that--other than the fact that we had promised a candy bribe reward for anyone who used the potty instead of a diaper.

He is actually doing pretty well. It's just that now Zoey and Kate want a piece of the action. Zoey had already ridden the potty train in China, so we don't think she needs to have an M&M every times she goes potty. She doesn't seem to comprehend our mindset.

Kate also wants her share of the M&M's. She has decided to sneak upstairs to sit on the potty every five minutes...squeeze out a few drops and then go get herself a new diaper or pull-up. She 'needs' a new one because she also pees into the diaper at will. She doesn't understand the concept of staying dry in between trips to the potty.

Random thoughts and pictures...

Jake dresses himself again...notice the mismatching shoe apparel

The family who donated this shirt to us had no idea how appropriate it would be for Jake. It reads, "I tried to be good but I got bored."

SaraGrace and buddy, Emma, a fellow Hope Healing Home alumni.

Chloe checks out the peonies in our backyard. They're pretty--but I'm not a big fan. Every year, my peony bushes end up looking dreadful because I forget to buy the metal cages that are needed to hold them up. As soon as they bloom, they flop over, touch the ground and do nothing but attract 5 million ants.


Holly said...

Isn't it a good thing the children are adorable? Come on, it HELPS, right? :)

Lori said...

Lucy isn't interested in the potty train. At.All. Well, she does poo on the toilet...so that's GREAT! No messy diapers. But pee...no, she clearly sees the convenience of diapers as her advantage. *Sigh*

Great t-shirt for Jake. I just can't wait to see what that kid grows up to be! God's got something extra special in mind for that kiddo.

I heard that peonies NEED ants for some reasons...so don't ever spray to get rid of them! Oh and I never cage mine either...they are really droopy right now & the blooms are long gone...sad.

trustandobey said...

I can tell you that putting up with your peonies is worth it just to get that photo!
ps...just think...in Heaven there will be no more potty training:)

Angie said...

Oh, Charlie needs one of those shirts like Jake!

Kim K. said...

We have so much in common with the potty train right now. Josie will change her pull-ups every five minutes...drive me NUTS!!!

Our peonies are just about to open up. They are my absolute favorite flower. I can't get enough of those lovely things. I just might have to do a whole blog post on them. Thanks for the idea...hee hee!