Monday, June 08, 2009

I think I can, I think I can....

I think I can...continue to ride the potty train...

I have discovered something. Potty training two kids at the same time is utterly exhausting. Utterly. I have new respect for mothers of multiples.

I AM very thankful that Jake and Kate are both doing remarkably well--but man, they each must have a bladder the size of a marble. They are quite independent and want to go alone, but since I'm not into having pee everywhere, I have to keep track of where they are 24/7. Kate's need to be on Lasix definitely ups the ante because she truly DOES have to go more often. But Jake, wanting more M & M's, is certain that his bladder is spasming as well. Ack!

After dinner, I was cleaning up and the kids ran outside to play. I eventually followed, only to discover that Jake had run outside wearing only a shirt and his underwear. Of course, they were on backwards. He couldn't seem to remember where he had left his shorts. My neighbor had already seen him, so there was no point in pretending that I was a great mom. ha. I just let him play... He is so used to having his pants on backwards that when I put them on correctly, he says, "Mom, my panths awre on backwarthds."

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with potty training--it's just a picture of some pretty flowers in our yard and a cool looking bumblebee. (We'll forget how this bee and his little friends are drilling holes into the trim on our house--urgh.)

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Anonymous said...

eh, pants are over-rated. :) At least he had on underwear. I have just in the last few months convinced Jack to wear underwear and pants. The other day he came running into the room so excited. "Mama, there's a window in my boxers for y penis!" Ah boys.