Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Summer Band-Aid Frenzy

It has started. The summer band-aid frenzy. This year it is in triplicate since the three youngest ALL have to have whatever everyone else is having, including owies.

Jake: "I need a band-aid." (insert fake, pitiful cry)
Me: "Where is your owie?"
Jake: "Wight hewe." (pointing to one that is scabbed over)
Me: "Jake, it already has a scab. You don't need a band-aid."
Jake: "Oh. I hab owie wight hewe." (pointing to a different area, with no visible wound)
Me: "There is nothing there, Jakie."
Jake: (points to yet a different spot, the site of yet another invisible wound) "Wight hewe."
Me: " don't need a band-aid because you don't have an owie there."
Jake: Looking pitiful and moaning, "But it HUWTS!"
Me: Cracking up and giving in..."OK--let me fix you up."

It's a $2 box of stickers that makes them happy for hours. How can I complain?
It was Molly's birthday this week and my mom gave her a ton of nursing supplies--real ones! Molly is over the moon and played with them for hours. She and Jillian have been immunizing their bears, doing surgery on them, dispensing medicine, etc. Last night, they packed up all the stuff, and arranged it before bed. I said to them, 'You guys are really having fun with that stuff aren't you?" Molly looked at me and said, "Yes! That was QUITE a present."


Jonathan said...

I hear ya on the band aid front. I thought I had played it smart and bought the cute Cars ones for the play boo boos and the pre-medicated ones for the real hurts but the kids figured it out. "No, Mom, I need a real one cause the kid ones just fall off." So now all I buy are the kid ones which is why I walked around with Transformers on my finger all week last week. And I don't know what they're talking about, I had to pry the durn thing off.

And as far as potty training, I have no advice for you whatsoever. :) But I can brag (until I get this written and he pees just for the heck of it) we've not had any accidents in weeks.

And I think my signature will say Jonathan, but it's really me.


Kim K. said...

My Josie would fit right in with the band-aid frenzy at your house. She's a band-aid thief. Every day, I find another new "hello kitty" band-aid applied to a different part of her body. I really need to do a better job of hiding them, but they do make her happy. When we go out in public I wonder if folks think she really has that many boo boos??

Cami said...

The band-aid frenzy doesn't really happen at our house. Cali is SCARED of band-aids. It's kind of funny. I love your blog and I totally support you too! Plus, don't know if YOU know this but, I am Cari Bacon's daughter, Cami. Just thought I'd let you know!

Cari Bacon said...

Cali actually hates having band-aids put on. What four year old doesn't like band-aids?!

PS Happy Birthday, Molly!!!

Tori said...

We are strong supporters of non-medicinal band-aids in our house! What's worse is when I actually need one, all we have is Hello Kitty or Scooby Doo. Now if that doesn't make a statement on an adult, I don't know what does!!

Jenny said...

LOL about the band-aids! They are popular here too!

I just love when kids say such funny things. "Quite a present" That is too cute!

Gretchen said...

I am so glad she had a great birthday!

Lori said...

What is so alluring about band-aids for these kiddos? Lucy loves them too and will cover herself and everyone around her, given the opportunity!

I just love that Molly is so into medical is adorable! And no doubt, God has placed His calling on her very early in her sweet life. I LOVE that!