Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kate on the Big Girl Swing

Little Miss Katie-bug has always used the baby swing. She is somewhat frail, her gross motor skills lag behind, and she didn't have the strength to hang on to a regular swing. Yesterday, she went happily out to her baby swing only to find this!

Ewwww!! How rude!

Maybe that mother robin left it there as paybacks for me taking photos of her baby birds....

Rather than run back into the house for something to clean it, I suggested the big girl swing. To my surprise, she wanted to try it!

I wanted to see how her color had improved since her surgery, so I went back to January and pulled out this picture...

Same sweet smile but so much pinker than this now!

The 'triplets' love to swing and I am getting my exercise pushing them. They are constantly yelling, "Puth hiwer! Puth hiwer!" Translation: "Push higher!" I push them until my arms are numb. I briefly considered teaching them how to pump but abandoned that idea in light of the fact that they haven't fully mastered eating with spoons yet.

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Kim K. said...

Kate's coloring looks spectacular. I think we need to try Josie in the big-girl swing this weekend. I remember asking the nurse in PICU if Josie was running a fever soon after her surgery because her fingers and toes were so warm. Isn't it amazing what we take for granted. Congratulations on Kate's continued milestones. I'm so happy for you both.