Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gross Bug Story

Ryan decided a few years ago that he wanted to his bedroom to be in the basement. I tried to convince him to stay upstairs, but he wanted a man-cave. I would prefer never to sleep in a basement because everyone KNOWS that there bugs in basements. Ewwww... Bugs I can see are one thing, but bugs that MIGHT crawl on me while I'm asleep and defenseless, are another thing.

Yesterday, Ryan came bursting into our bedroom at 6:30AM. On Saturday. Did I mention, 6:30AM? There better be a good reason...

"Mom! There is a bug in my ear! It's driving me crazy."

Me...groggily looking at him with a doubtful expression. "There's a bug in your ear?"

Ryan, freaking out and grabbing at his ear, "Yes! It's driving me nuts!"

I got out of bed, still doubting the possibility. Dutifully, I went in the bathroom with him and looked into his ear. I couldn't see anything. He continued to say he could feel it crawling around. I peered into his ear again and suddenly saw the hairs in his ear start to move. I watched in fascinated horror as a black thing started to emerge. It was at least half an inch long! I tried to grab it with the tweezers--failed--and to my greater horror, it went back into his ear! EWWWWWWWW.... The thing was not even visible. I opted not to tell Ryan how big it was. I told him to hold still and hopefully it would crawl out again. I started to see it and told him to tip his ear down and when it came out, I flicked it down onto the floor. I grabbed it with the tweezers and we both stared at it in shock. I woke Jeff up to show him, because I just could not believe that anything that big was in Ryan's ear. Ryan said it crawled in when he was sleeping and it woke him up. GROSS!!

I went back to bed but couldn't sleep. My ears kept feeling like something was crawling in them. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Here is the beetle...ugh...can you imagine having this thing in your ear?

Since I don't want to leave you with that creepy image in your mind, I'll share some cuteness. :)

The potty train continues to chug merrily. Jake is doing surprisingly well. He does "go to potty" far more often than necessary, so as to get an M & M, but I can live with that. Kate has decided that she wants in, and has been trying very hard to stay dry in between going potty. She is motivated by candy, but is also quite excited about wearing big-girl underwear. Poor little thing, though, she has such a hard time after her twice-a-day dose of Lasix (diuretic). I gave her some tonight and we tried to keep her dry, but she had an accident in the driveway. I felt so sorry for her. She stood there, rooted to the spot, looking so stricken. She literally had to go potty every ten minutes for about an hour after the Lasix. I'm not sure how to help her with that--other than keep running to the bathroom. Any suggestions?

Once both kids are trained, we will be out of diapers (except at night) for the first time in nine years. Woohoo! :)

"Thanks for pushing me, Kate!"

We went for an ice cream treat tonight and while the girls did a pretty good job of eating it neatly, so much.

Not sure how he got it in his hair?

My funny little Molly has been quite intrigued by the whole graduation thing, and today she made herself her very own mortar board with paper and tape.

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of childrens' laughter...


sara said...

i'm thinking that Ryan needs to sleep with ear plugs in!!! yuck!!

Cari Bacon said...

Great pictures and bug story! Yes, I agree, ear plugs would be a very good investment. :)

Karin said...

Great idea...I have a whole bag of them left over from 'snorer dude' at the hospital. :)

Lori said...

I'm not even sure where to begin? A blog post filled with disgusting ear-exploring bugs, potty-training, and the cutest faces...well, it's just hard to know what to say!

Great post!!

Joyful mom said...

Oh my goodness--are you serious???? I toally love your blog--your family seems to have the wildest and craziest things happen :)

Thanks for leaving us with the adorable pics--better than the bug. LOL.

Kim K. said...

Oh my. That's just horribly nasty. I don't even want to show Emma this post. Her bedroom is in our finished basement and I have seen bugs but heaven forbid that they explore her bed or ears.

I think we need to borrow your kiddos to help push Josie along with the potty training. She has still refused to go #2 on the potty.

I'm glad you ended your post with some happy pictures.

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I can't believe Ryan had a bug in his ear. Eewww! Yes, I'd say ear plugs are in order.

Matt Brown said...

I’m impressed you went for the tweezers! My wife would have been out by the mail box screaming and I would have been up digging bugs out of an ear. Forget about the ear, it is a dead end. I would worry about the mouth and nose! Let him sleep in a ski mask.
Thanks so much for your transparency and your passion for God and Orphans! I have been following along and praying for you guys since Kate’s surgery. You have inspired us to move on our desire to adopt. God has told us to GO and let him DO(because we certainly can’t do it ourselves). Our agency accepted our application last week.
BTW, you will love Boston. My wife grew up just north of there.
Jake Rocks!

Gretchen said...

My friend,
The bug thing is ABSOLUTELY disgusting!
Thanks for sharing!

trustandobey said...

My older girls are wanting to move into the basement this summer too. Hmmmmm.......

Karin said...

Matt...that is awesome that you and your wife started the adoption process!! If you start a blog, let me know so I can follow along. :)