Monday, June 22, 2009

Freaky-looking moth

Last night I was up late waiting for Ryan to return from his mission trip. The front porch lights were on, and I could see through the front door sidelights. There were lots of bugs flying around but then I saw a thing that looked like a small bird. Or maybe it was a bat? In fascination, I went to look out the window and watched it swooping and flying around the porch. Then it landed. Most of it's body was out of my line of vision, but I could see a tip of it and it was lime green! Ewwwww....

Just then, Taylor came downstairs and was equally fascinated. He decided to get a box and try to catch it. He found a box that had a clear lid, so when he trapped the *thing* in the box, we could see it clearly--well, that is when it wasn't flapping around hysterically in the box. After it got tired, I got a few pictures of it. It had a four inch wingspan! We looked it up on the Internet and found that it was a Luna Moth. They are not rare, but they are rarely seen. Yah...I have never seen one in my entire life!

It was pretty--in an odd-mothy sort of way. It kept Taylor and I entertained for quite awhile until Ryan came home.

It's oh-so-very-good to have Ryan back in the nest!!

And speaking of Ryan....a Memorial Box Monday post:

The week he was leaving for his mission trip, he was supposed to go get a physical for the milit*ry. When signing up, he was allowed to choose the type of training that he wanted. He had found something that was close--although not exactly what he wanted. To spot could only be held for a week, so he needed the physical done before leaving for the mission trip. Well...there was a mix-up. Due to that, he was unable to get the physical--hence the job training spot could not be held for him. He was disappointed but said, "Well, maybe there will be something better for me when I get back." I love that boy. :) And we did have such a peace that God was in control, and that when Ryan got back, there would be a spot for him that would be where God wanted him.

Today, he and Jeff went to choose another training spot. This time, he was able to find something better--and more to his liking--AND....he will be stationed in a different location that is MUCH closer to where we will be living in Boston. It's still a bit of a hike, but it's drivable and means we will be able to see him for the time that he is living there. We are so excited!! God knew...and we believe He orchestrated the 'mix-up' to get Ryan where He wanted him.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I've seen one of those moths before! At least they are prettier than boring gray moths!

Great news on Ryan...most often, our own disappointment turns into greater good because God's hand was in it the entire time. I'm not sure when I will get that through my thick skull! :)

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin
It's a Luna moth(I think)... big, gentle and fascinating! At least they are too big to climb into ears!

Joyful mom said...

Wow---what a wonderful God-story about you boy. That is so wonderful!

Gorgeous moth--I have never seen one like that.

Cari Bacon said...

That is so wonderful to hear about Ryan's divine appointment. Thankfully God sees the whole picture as we cannot, hence the whole meaning of faith.

Holly said...

God's ways are always trustworthy!
So happy that your Ryan is home and that moth is really cool!
We used to do Charlotte Mason style homeschooling and have LOTS of sketches of moths that we found unique!
God is sooooo creative!

Kimberly said...

That moth is beautiful! How lucky to see it! Reminds me of the Great Luna Moth that flies Dr. Doolittle back to London. =)

Chris said...

Yup it's a Luna Moth, if I remember right they don't live all that long. They hatch, mate and lay eggs and die. Some big moths don't even eat, did all that as a big caterpillar.

Shonni said...

What a cool bug moth...really beautiful!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Wow. Did you know that the two spots on its lower wings are for protection? Yep, isn't it cool to see God's handprints even on a moth. I learned this w/ the boys while we were reading about moths. The spots are supposed to look like eyeballs … of a large creature … to any unwelcome guests who might be thinking the moth would make a yummy meal!

So glad you have your son home! What a sweet picture to think of his Momma waiting up for him!