Saturday, June 20, 2009

"A Crummy Commercial..."

If you are a fan of "A Chr*stmas Story," you will recognize that line. If not, just disregard because it would take too long to explain.

The following will be a pictorial commercial for Greenfield Vill*ge in Dearborn, MI. We went there yesterday with my mom and it is the coolest place. If you are going to be anywhere near this attraction, I highly recommend a visit. My dad kindly paid for a Grandparent membership which gets all the grandchildren in free for a year. We had so much fun! Amazingly, even though it was V.E.R.Y. humid, none of the kids whined the entire day. I wish I could say the same for Mommy, who got very dehydrated and grumpy for awhile until a frozen custard replenished my falling electrolytes. hee

At the entrance and all ready to have some fun! Two double strollers help carry kids and backpacks.

First activity of the day is to ride the Omnibus!

Looking out the window of the Omnibus

One of MANY cool buildings that include the homes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers bicycle shop, the court house where Abraham Lincoln's practiced in Illinois, etc.

We had lunch there where the favorite entree of choice is the 'hobo lunch.' It is served inside a bandana with a stick through it so the kids can carry it over their shoulders. I'm sure you can imagine what happened with the sticks after lunch was over. (hint: thwack, whack, poke, and the discovery of many other ways to bother those around you) I'm sure it will come as a great shock to know that Jake was the worst (but cute!) offender.

Playing games in the town square--reminiscent of days gone by

"Ding, ding, ding! Time for school!"

Jillian and Molly get a lesson on their times tables at the one-room schoolhouse

Chloe writes her alphabet on an old-fashioned slate. Jake attended the class but I'm sorry to say that he only wanted to explore the room with his stick. He spent the entire time poking things, thwacking things, and sticking it out the windows (which were made all the more enticing by their lack of screens and glass)

Jake continues to be totally mezmerized by his cool stick

Everyone but Jake (and Mommy, who gets motion sick), rode the Merry-go-round

Then it was time for a treat break...

The big girls wanted Whirl-a-pops

The little kids (and Mommy and Grandma) opted for yummy frozen custard...

In lieu of a mini-van, Grandma and the majority of the kids try... early model station wagon

We rode in a Model T

In honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Model T, a race is being re-enacted from New York to Seattle. Model T's from all 50 States are represented, as well as a few from other countries. The day we were there, the cars had stopped at the Village for a few hours and we had the privilege of seeing them!

Waving at the parade of Model T's as they left for the next leg of their journey to Seattle.

"Mom...dat is da too-too twain!"

The train was our last activity of the day, which was a good thing because it started raining. We had a great day and made lots of fun memories with Grandma!


Holly said...

Every time I see pictures of your beautiful kids...I can't help but think "she is LIVING the life"
What a blessing!!

Joyful mom said...

What a beautiful day. Wow, grandkids get in free---that is SUCH a blessing for a big family. Looks like soooo much fun. Ug, could yo please send me some of that HOT weather???? I am so seriously really to MOVE SOUTH!!!!! :)

Cari Bacon said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! We might go there next week, when my brother and his family come for a visit from Montana.

Michele said...

Such cute kids! That place looks awesome!

Lori said...

You guys have too much fun!! Make sure your new house has an extra room...I think I'll come live with you!

Mom Of Many said...

Oh my gracious that looks like so much fun!! I want to come too!!

Desiree' said...

Have you tried the museum yet?? It is such fun, even our little ones enjoyed it. We really miss MI, hope to be back soon....

Kimberly said...

Wow, Karin! I want to go there! That looks like such a fun time and I especially love the idea of the Hobo lunch (even with the poking and sticking!) I'm filing that away in case we ever make it to Michigan! Thanks for all of the great photos and how fun was it to see all of the Model T's!!