Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Zoey's Doctor Appointment

Catchy title, don't you think?!

Chloe and Zoey both went to see the pediatric orthopedic surgeon today. Chloe's leg continues to grow slower than her 'good' leg, so it was confirmed that she will eventually need leg-lengthening surgery. Her thigh bone (is that a femur?) and her lower leg bone (tibia) are both growing slower than her other leg, so both bones will have to be lengthened. That was kind of bummer news. Her leg length difference is at 2cm. Her foot continues to be stable, thankfully. The leg-lengthening will not need to happen for several more years.

Zoey's leg was measured to predict what her leg length difference will be in the future. As the doctor originally predicted, she falls into the gray area, so we have to choose between amputating her foot and going through a series of surgeries to try to save it. I have no problem with several surgeries, but the big question is whether or not she will have a working foot after all of that. Since she doesn't have an ankle bone, they don't have a lot to work with. She DOES have a growth plate there, though, and the doctor said it is possible that a bone would grow! (Isn't that amazing?!?! He has had patients who grew sockets!! God has designed us with bodies that are astounding.) I asked about an ankle replacement and was told that they do not have those for kids because kids would wear them out in three years.

I still think the doctor leans toward amputation--but he wouldn't say today because he wants us to get a second opinion.

This is the God part of the story that I love... :)

Her doctor did his residency at Boston Children's. Yep... Don't you love it? His mentor is the head of the pediatric orthopedic department and that is who he wants Zoey to see. He is supposed to be one of the best in the world. God is truly amazing!! They still talk, so our doctor said he will discuss both girls with the doctor in Boston!

Speaking of Boston...I have confused some of you and want to clarify. Yes, we are moving to the Boston area. We put our house on the market today. I so look forward to getting it perfect for showings. NOT. We anticipate renting a house there for awhile, since houses are not selling too fast around here. We plan to move mid-July so we can get settled before school starts.

Tonight the kids were outside playing and our neighbor came over and noticed that they were all wearing jean jackets. She asked me to take a photo of them for her. It turned out pretty cute, so I'm posting it. (Thankfully, Jake had his pants on tonight!)


Joyful mom said...

Oh wow--that is a wonderful God story. You get to the see the best of the best! So God!

Our house also went on the market today--uuugggg--can you tell how much I love it :) Joy.

Melissa B. said...

LOVE the picture!!!! I can't believe the five on the bench were added to the family just since I met you... miss you!

trustandobey said...

Wonderful photo of the kiddos! Karen, why don't you to just swing by North Carolina on your way to Boston. Some fellow blog followers and i would like to take you out for coffee:)

Kim K. said...

I continue to be amazed at how God works. That's a beautiful picture of all your kiddos. Best wishes with putting the house on the market. Egads. I don't envy you.

Cari Bacon said...

What a great picture! It made me smile just seeing all their smiles.

That's great news to hear about the Boston doctor. God is never surprised, because He already had it all planned out.

I'll keep praying about Chloe and Zoey's development.

shay said...

Your children are beautiful and Praise the Lord about how He's worked out the second opinion! YAY!

Hopefully your house will sell quickly so you don't have to deal with that madness.

Wife of the Pres. said...

You should frame that! What a great photo of some great kiddos! Don't you just pinch yourself sometimes when you think about the fact that these TREASURES are all yours!!! :)))) I don't envy the move. I cannot imagine doing it. Thinking of you as you work on all of that. BTW, I sent C at TCHP your email address! :)) Hope that was OK. Don't know if she'll contact you or not right now, but I didn't have her permission to share her. I pretty much told her you were another "crazy" Momma like me!!! :)))

Adrienne Saunders said...

Is the doctor, James Kasser? He has done 2 surgeries on my daughter's club foot. If so, he is wonderful! We are scheduled for Sept 21 to discuss leg lengthening/shortening! Hannah was born in Guatemala and came home at almost 3 in 2000. What town are you leaning towards in the Boston area? I live in New Bedford which is about 1 hr south of Boston. Adrienne amah50e@yahoo.com