Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sprinkler

Yesterday, we introduced Zoey and Kate to the fun of playing in the sprinkler. It was hot and humid, so it was a perfect day for it.

"Why is water pouring out of this thing in the yard?"

"Ohhhhh...I LIKE this!"

Zoey was all over this idea.

She had no fear, and was quickly soaked from head to toe.

Jake skirted the perimeter of the water spray.

He tried to work up his courage, but remained mostly dry.

Chloe hit the spray

Big brother showed up with water balloons and with a command for Mom to stop taking pictures of him. hee

Wheee....havin' fun!

Still dry, but looking cute.

Jordan had tons o' fun


trustandobey said...

Hi Karen,
These shots just scream summertime!
Hot and humid in NC this weekend too. Actually suppose to hit 100 humid degrees today(yuck). Have a blessed day.
ps. Any news on the photo contest?

Kim K. said...

Don't you just love summer!!! I can't wait to get Josie to the beach. We're almost outta here. I'm going to have some serious blogging withdrawal at the cottage. Have a great weekend, friend!!

Lori said...

Aahh, the timeless summertime sprinkler fun! It's truly a classic activity, isn't it? I'm not sure why it's so much fun to run through spraying water...getting grass clippings on your feet and risking stepping on who-knows-what...but it's just so darn fun for every kid.

GREAT pics!

McNew Family said...

Love the photos! My little one is still scared silly about the sprinkler - how can she be American and not like the sprinkler????? We'll have to work on it! Just found your blog, nice to meet you! When you have a chance, come on over and meet us!



Mom Of Many said...

Oh my! What a day of fun!! Love the hair wet and flying from the back....such a cool shot!! Can we join you next time?? xo