Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A day in the the Shoe

Today was interesting on the potty training front. Kate has lost interest in it entirely. Since she is peeing at will into pull-ups, I decided to put her in underwear. She had a yucky accident on the kitchen floor (at least it wasn't on the carpet!), and later, she thought pooping in her pants would be a fun change of pace.

Later, Jakie, who has been very good about NOT having accidents, came in from playing in the sandbox with sand clinging to him everywhere. I eventually realized that he had wet his pants in the sandbox and now had sand stuck to every wet spot on his body. Of course, I didn't notice this until he had run into the house. Glad I don't play in the sandbox. hehe

And here is my burning 'Mom' question of the day. Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever we go to the doctor, my kids will suddenly develop extremely smelly flatulence. What's up with that?! It's mortifying!! They stink up the room and then the doctor walks in and has to pretend not to notice. Of course, I do the checking the diaper thing...and then figure that the doctor is probably thinking I am just doing that to cover my own guilt.

On Monday, we took Zoey and Kate to court to finalize their adoptions and just when we were all gathered around to take a picture with the judge, Kate let 'er rip. It was gaggingly awful!! I tried to keep her to the side AWAY from the judge, but the smell was so strong. I can't imagine that he didn't smell it. GROSS!!

And speaking of embarrassing moments... I had to pick up some antibiotic the other day for one of the girls. They asked me her date of birth at the pharmacy and I went totally blank. Her birthday month is the same as one of our other girls, and when asked, I will often mix up the dates. People always give me a strange look. I mean, how could a mom forget the day she spent hours in horrible labor pains? They don't know that I didn't deliver the kids. They just think I am dumb. And blond. And embarrassed.

I cracked up when I saw the picture that the court clerk took of our family in court on Monday. Um...some heads are missing, as well as some bodies.
Some cool things we saw on a nature walk we took this week...


Kim K. said...

I always love your honesty...fart stories and all!!

Josie has decided that she will never ever poop in the potty. I'm bringing panties on vacation (as well as pull-ups) and we'll see what kind of icky sticky mess we will have with potty training and beach sand.

I love the clerk's picture at the courthouse. Too funny.

Lori said...

Lucy's toots aren't overly stinky...but it's so funny because she proudly claims them! "I tooted, Mama!!"

And she isn't potty trained...HOWEVER, she does poop in the potty! So that part is great!! But I'm tired of spending so much $$ on diapers. *sigh* Although having her pee in a diaper will be to our advantage when we go to China...I don't look forward to squatty potties with this child!

Marmee said...

The photo of us receiving our first referral is similar. We all have chopped off heads. Too funny! I wonder what the photo albums owned by these people look like?? ;o)

Chris said...

I have one smelly kid! My hubby always makes sure he sits close to other people w/ kids in church to even out the possibilities. When the 3 boys play a computer game together he always gets yelled at "go to the bathroom!" I've heard it is a digestive problem, but the boy has no problems but constipation when the schedule is off?????
Potty training is SUCH hard work!!

Cari Bacon said...

Oh, Karin! Your post got me laughing so hard.....been there, done that with the smelly office rooms!

Wishing you quick success on the whole potty training thing.

Curious as to why you had to go through court to finalize the adoptions in Michigan. Didn't both you and your husband go to China? With Cali's adoption in '05 I was told that with Sam and I both traveling and with whatever paperwork that was processed, we did not have to finalize anything through the court.

~ Cari