Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random stuff

I went grocery shopping yesterday. As I was unloading the bags and putting everything away, a few of the kids asked if they could have an apple. One by one, the rest of the kids came straggling in, spotted a sibling munching an apple and E.V.E.R.Y single one asked this question...

"Can I have one?"

By the time I got ready to put the bag into the refrigerator, it looked like this:

It reminds me of an Amish saying, "The further I go, the behinder I get." ha
My neighbor has given me permission to use her really cool, distressed looking wooden bench for pictures. The other night, the light was right, the mood hit, and the girls quickly changed into these clothes.

We hadn't put the hats down on the girls' dresser for five seconds when two impish little brothers snatched them up.

Hmmmm....this look just isn't working for me.
For those who grow flowers, groan with me. I have spent four years trying to get this vine of clematis to grow up my trellis. Every year, it has looked pitiful and only got about a foot tall. This year, when I have to yank the trellis out to move to Boston, look at my clematis!!



Joyful mom said...

Those pics are absolutely stunning--love the boys too :)
Oh my gosh---that Amish saying is perfect! I had such a chuckle. I have the EXACT same thing here--"can I have some?" As soon as they even hear a packet opening--they come running, singing their little chorus of "can I have some?" We laugh about it all the time.

Lori said...

Those pictures are simply amazing...I love the one where the girls are looking at each other. And the boys in the hats...priceless.

And the apples...I can totally relate. I have the same problem with Oreos. :) At least your kiddos are devouring something healthy!

Kim K. said...

You really have a gift with the camera. Just beautiful shots. Your clematis are stunning too. Perhaps, you might need to dig them up and move them along with you to Boston. hee hee.

Shonni said...

The flowers are beautiful! And I love the pictures of the girls and the little silly boys. So fun!!!

Gretchen said...

Don't you just HATE that!

trustandobey said...

This entry made me laugh out loud. Just grocery shopping in Heaven. And no running out of fruit. Can you imagine what type of fruit we will have to eat there?
Great photos of the kiddos( once again).

David and Sarah said...

That apple bag picture made me laugh! A common sight around our house.

Beautiful pictures--of the girls and the boys!!


Mom Of Many said...

Sweet pictures...and I love the clematis...we had one outside our door at the log house...I have never had one before...(I am not too good at growing anything)...

Love that the apples are just about gone...guess the moral is to buy about 5 bags?? Hey, at least their colon thanks them...xo