Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Reality TV

For those of you who will no longer be watching J*n & Kate Plus 8 (that would be me!!), here is an uplifting opportunity for you.

Love Without Boundaries has been asked to provide an entry for a possible episode on a new reality series about people doing charitable things in countries around the world. LWB's dream is to build a cleft healing home in China where parents can bring their cleft-affected babies for treatment, so they will not feel they have to abandon them. The reality show is letting people vote on the shows they would like to see, so if this is of interest to you, please go here and vote. There is also an amazing story there, written by Amy, that is one of those, 'suck-in-your-breath-because-God-is-so-obviously-doing-something' stories.

One thing that I have always appreciated about my friend, Amy, is that she knows that God is the one orchastrating all of these events. She doesn't try to take credit--and I believe that is why He keeps using her to help orphans in need.


Kim K. said...

Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing this information. I've already joined and commented.

Chris said...

Hmph! just found out that Jon and Kate people are practically our neighbors. We dont' have a TV so we missed that fact. I think Amy's show would be much better.

Joyful mom said...

What an amazing opportunity. Thanks for sharing it.