Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Katie-bug had another check-up today at U of M. Thankfully, she continues to do well. Her Coumadin (blood thinner) needs to be tweaked because her levels weren't quite right, but hopefully, that will not be a big deal to fix.

We stopped by to see baby Mason, and thankfully, he is improving, but is still in PICU. Please keep praying for him!!

Ryan is leaving in the morning for his first-ever mission trip! He is going with a team to an Indian reservation in North Dakota. I am so excited for him--although we will miss him. I got my camera out when we were saying good-bye--which disgusted him--hee.

"Bye-bye, Ryan!"

It rained all day and my peonies are looking bedraggled, but with the water droplets on them, they were begging to be photographed. ha. I am thankful for beautiful flowers!


Lori said...

That's so great that Ryan is going on a mission's trip! But he really needs to get over not liking the he new there? obviously have your camera handy at any given moment! He should be used to it by now.

So glad that Katie had a good appointment! God is awesome! I'm so sorry to hear that baby Mason is still in the hospital...I can't imagine how draining that must be on his parents.

Shonni said...

The pictures of the rain on the flower and leaf is beautiful!!!

Kim K. said...

How wonderful that Ryan is going on a mission trip. That's a sweet picture of him.

Woo hoo for Katie's good appt. Baby Mason continues to be on my mind.

I'm admiring my peonies on my office desk this morning. Great shot with the rain drops.

Have a super weekend. We're celebrating Josie's birthday tomorrow. I can't wait!

Cari Bacon said...

Beautiful nature pics! Glad that Katie is continuing to do well. Praying that Ryan has a "God Experience" on his mission trip. My first one was to the Bahamas helping chaperone my church's youth group several years ago. We actually spent time at an orphanage there. It was my first time in an orphanage. When all the children ran out to play with us, I started crying and had to pulled myself together...I was an adult chaperone after all! :) It was just another God moment reassuring me that adoption was my purpose.