Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday morning update on Katie-bug

I think it's Wednesday? :)

We are still here in the hospital. Kate's rash spread on her leg, so we were not able to leave yesterday. There is surprise and concern about the rash. They had taken her off the 'big dog' antibiotic after she had responded so well on Monday, and were using a different one. Since the rash started and continued to spread, they have switched her back to the 'big dog' one--called Vankomiacin (I am most likely spelling that incorrectly--haven't had time to Google it.).

She has had one dose of the Vanko and the rash seems a bit better. The great news is that there is NO SIGN of infection in or near her heart! Praise God!!

Jeff had a trip scheduled to Mexico yesterday, and thinking Kate would be released, flew down there. Now that she is having to stay longer, he is coming back today. Ryan and Taylor had been holding down the fort at home. (Well, actually, Jillian is probably doing all the work--haha)

UPDATE--one of the doctors just came in and said that they think that after a few more doses of Vanko, they can switch her to Bactrim, which she can take by mouth. Her coumadin blood levels have gone a bit haywire from the antibiotic, though, so we are waiting to see what her cardiologist wants to do about that. He may want to keep her until that stabilizes...or may feel comfortable sending her home tonight.

More great news...she tested NEGATIVE for MRSA!!! So her offical germ was a type of staph.

The nurses let her flush her own IV. COOL!

The amazing view from our window. Our room has the best view on this floor.

Miss Kate models the latest in medical fashion. Someone needs to call the folks at 'What Not To Wear."

Her spirits are good--she's bored--but relatively happy. She can't leave the room because of the MRSA possibility. Now that it's negative, maybe they will let me take her for a walk. Poor baby had a 4AM blood draw that took two tries (pokes in two different areas of her hand. ugh.) Not nice to be awakened to needle pokes at 4AM. She was able to go back to sleep, though, and is happy now.

So, we are doing well, and the kids at home are also doing well. God is good! He is giving us all that we need. Things could be so much worse!


Blanca said...

Karin, suerte, Dios los ayude

allisyn said...

that is awesome news about Katie! Our God is so good :)

Kimberly said...

Karin I have been reading the daily feeds I get from your blog and just wanted you to know I'm keeping your guys in my thoughts. That Katie is a tough one and you too by the way!!

Angie said...

So glad to hear that Katie is on the mend and she didn't have that nasty infection. Praying you get to go home very, very soon. Just your son still using the swiffer to clean little bottoms? Wonder how that's working?? Hopefully your swiffer is still on the other truck. Speaking of that, isn't the truck supposed to arrive today?

Adeye said...

Oh thank you Jesus. What a beautiful praise report. Trusting you can go home later, friend. I bet your heart is longing.

Sending you a HUGE hug.

Cindy said...

Hi Karen!
Glad to hear Katie doesn't have that bad infection, and now hopefully on the road to getting out of there! How is Mommy holding up? getting enough sleep yourself? Thanks for the update and sharing the pictures, too cute! Your window view is gorgeous.

Holly said...

thanking God for the medical reports and big kids holding down the fort at home!!

Lynsay said...

Oh, Baby girl! Well I'm glad the rash is going, I hope you go home today and will be praying for that. She is a miracle girl, no doubt about it. Love you!

Sharon said...

Wow! It's great hearing so much good news!! Kate looks just like Molly did at her age standing by the bed. We're praying.

Kim K. said...

I'm praying today is THE day to go home. You have such a positive attitude, Karin. Praise God for some good news. Hugs!!

Krissy said...

Poor thing! I too have a non-MRSA staph infection right now and know that it is no fun! Glad that she's getting the treatment she needs for it though!