Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pilgrims and Native People

We took the kids to Plimouth Plantation on Saturday in the sweltering heat. Last year when we were visiting, we had purchased a family pass that was good for a year. And then my appendix decided it wanted to come out and we didn't get to use the pass. It was expiring, so we had to go on Saturday, despite the heat.

We had read a book last year about a little girl who made the trip to America on the Mayflower, and it included some stories about the first winter in Plymouth. (No idea why they know spell it with a "y"). I was all excited about seeing the exact replica of the settlement that I had read about so much.

I'm sure it would be better in cooler weather.

The kids were all grumbling about how they wanted to go to the beach (that was tantalizingly in sight). I announced that we were all going to have a hap-hap-happy time.

So here we are...having fun...sweating more profusely than I have ever sweated in my LIFE.

Our first glimpse of Plimoth, with the ocean in the distance

My sweet Molly

Main street in Plimoth Plantation

This was the biggest home. Most were only one room, about 12 x 12??

Chatting with Mary and her friend. Mary came over on the Mayflower (cool, how they are in character and talk with you that way)

Leading the sheep to the pen

Peeking at the sheep and lambs

"Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner." -Napoleon Dynamite (sorry...I couldn't resist)

The girls fed the cows

Inside a Native dwelling

And then it was off to the beach! Thanks to Hurricane Bill, we were treated to some actual waves. Plymouth Harbor is normally very calm. With the waves, came COLD water. It was too cold to swim, so we just waded. No matter what the water temperature, we always have fun. I could really get used to this going to the beach every weekend thing! cute are they!?

"Can I fill your bucket for you, Katie-bug?"

I only posted this photo because of the woman in the background. Um...what were ya thinkin' when you wore a bikini to the beach?

Say hello to my little friend. We found these starfish stranded on the beach.

Castles in the sand

I think these buoys are so cool

Plymouth Harbor

It took many tries to get this photo of my sweeties and their fake smiles.


Adeye said...

Wow--what a stunning weekend, dear friend.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

Holly said...

It was worth the many tries to get a good picture!! We've taken the kids to Colonial Williamsburg in VA and it was super cool!
Fun times!

Jackie said...

Although all the photos are just beautiful, and the last one of the children is fantastic, I just about peed my pants when I read the Napolean comment, lol. We use that phrase quite often in our household with each other along with "Gosh, you idiot!" lol

Jackie said...

I must clarify that the word "idiot" is only used NOW by the three adults in our house away from little ears as my granddaughter thought it would be funny to say that particular phrase it to her Sunday school teacher, lol

McNew Family said...

Looks like you had a good time, and I'm sure all those tries were worth it - you got a GREAT shot of the kiddos on the bench!

Kate said...

Plymouth with a y - probably after the Plymouth in South West England?
Delurking in Wales,

Angie said...

What an awesome place to live and to experience history. As for the 12x12 on earth could they fit so many children in such a small space...sorry...little sarcasm for one of your past posts!

Kim K. said...

Great pictures. I love the history lesson too. Have a super week.

mom2-4boys said...

Your pictures are fantastic. If found the woman on the beach with bikini funny then you much check out Old Orchard Beach in Maine. You will be very entertained!!!

I am so glad you had fun at Plymouth Plantation!!! Yeah the water is pretty cold up here in MA. You kind of have to get numb first before you can go in all the way.

I think I was in your neck of the woods this weekend. I was at a hockey tournament in Foxboro. I really like the area. I was born and raised in MA but there are still some parts of the state I have not discovered. Welcome and enjoy the Bay State... As my husband a New Hampshire raised boy refers to it as Taxachusetts.

Lori said...

What a great weekend! I couldn't help but feel sorry for those "pilgrims" who were wearing clothing head to toe in the sweltering heat! Yuck. You'd have to pay me the really big bucks to do that. And put a mini air-conditioner up my skirt. :)

Great beach pics! And I love the one with the kiddos all on the bench! I can only image how many you had to take to get those cheesy smiles going all at once. You deserve an award. Who should I call about that?

Have a great Monday!

trustandobey said...

New England is sooooo cool (even in the heat). Karin...wait til fall hits. You will be in Heaven on Earth! Your photos are great.

Sharon said...

WOW Karin,I feel like I'm on vacation everytime I read your blog and look at the great pictures! Love the one of the kids on the bench!!

Marmee said...

Wow Karin, I REALLY need to take my kids there! They have 7 ancestors that were on the Mayflower! I can not wait to make a trip out there!

Cari Bacon said...

Plymouth Plantations looks like a fun way to teach the kids history. The pictures of it were really neat.

A couple of your other pictures/sayings...hilarious!!! We have the ND movie, which my boys have watched sooo many times. It has great lines. The bikini lady at the beach, on the other hand...WOW...she must have strong self-confidence!