Friday, August 28, 2009

Our last week of summer

(Sob) We've tried to make the most of our last week of summer. I will be so sad to see the kids head off to school next week. And the thought of a looong winter strikes dread to my heart. ahhh....

Dancing in the rain

"Mom! You are so annoying with that camera!"

Feeding the geese, fish and turtles

Swinging on the fence gate

"They ate all my bread!"

"Step away from the breadcrumbs and no one gets pecked."

Flap those wings, baby

Digging in the dirt

Little sunbeam

Some funky weeds in our yard

Cool baby Jake helps big brother wrench on his truck

An impromptu ballet show

Ryan's first paycheck...ka-ching!


Kim K. said...

Best wishes with all your school transitions next week. I seriously wish it could be August for at least another month. Hugs.

Kimberlie said...

What fun! I know what you mean about being sad about the start of school. My 3 started 10 days ago and I really miss them. Thankfully, #3 only goes 2.5 hrs per day. But I put the other two on the bus at 8:20 and they get home at 4:10p. Then with snacks, dinner prep, homework/paper signing stuff, there's barely time to just have fun with them. :( And this is what its like for the next 13+ years.

Hope your kids are more excited than you and that you get my big hug through cyber-space!!!

Lori said...

Oh but before winter's fall! And it will be GORGEOUS there!

Wonderful pics!

And yay Ryan on the first paycheck! Woo!

trustandobey said...

Lori is right! You have a DELICIOUS fall in store, no doubt! Drink it in, my friend!!!

Shonni said...

What wonderful pictures!

Chris said...

Yeah Ryan love those Ben Franklin's

School schedule keeps me on my toes, hate when I keep forgetting things.

Mom Of Many said...

My heart is right there with you - grieving that summer is over - WAAAAA!!
Pictures are delightful though!!

I have to email you separately...I keep thinking of something you said....xo

Adeye said...

Summer has just gone way too fast for us too :(

GORGEOUS PICS, friend. So stunning.