Friday, August 07, 2009

Our 'Stuff'

I called the moving company yesterday for a status update on the remainder of our 'stuff.' We were supposed to have gotten it today. Um....yeah.

The phone was answered by Miss-Happy-Chirps-a-Lot who seemed surprised to hear from me. She brightly told me that the driver was picking up the remainder of our 'load' today, as if I should feel delighted and grateful to hear this news.

"OK? Thank you for calling!" she chirped.
"Could you please tell me when you plan to DELIVER our 'load?' I asked, irritated that she hadn't even thought to give me this information.
"Oh. Just a minute. I will have to check."

After a long pause, she finally came back and chirped again, "It will be there on Wednesday!"
"Oh. wooooow." I said in disgust.
"Well, I can speak to the driver and see if he can deliver it to you any sooner. Maybe I can work that out," she chirped, with that same, 'you-are-so-lucky-to-have-me-in-your-corner' tone.

She never once said, "I'm so sorry that it has taken us so long to get your LOAD to you." And so...since they don't seem to need customers very badly, I'll let you know that we used Allied Van Lines.

So, without sandbox, swingset, playhouse, etc., the kids have been continuing to have fun in the Redneck Theme Park.

Jordan is all business

Zoey...our little tomboy

Ryan noticed that Katie-bug couldn't join the fun because she is just a bit too fragile for tearing down a hill at breakneck speed, so he got the lawn tractor out and drove her around the yard for awhile. Awwww.....

We then went to the pond

to feed the swans

Posing nicely

We found a patch of blueberries and the kids swarmed on them like a plague of locusts (cute locusts, though....)

And speaking of locusts...

SaraGrace caught these and made them kiss each other

What an imp!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love you blog.....Just blog hopping and found your glad that I did. I enjoyed your post and will be back to read more. I have a GREAT giveaway going through Sunday night...$100 Surprise Gift....with a little Christmas to go along with it.

Lori said...

Oh my. I also would be so steamed that the LOAD hasn't arrived yet. I think Allied should come over and entertain your children until the LOAD arrives. Oh never mind...they would do that all askew too. Well, look at it this way, when the truck pulls up you can tell the kids, "Look, Mommy ordered you all new toys!"...since it's been so long, maybe they will have forgotten about them and will think you are so wonderful for buying them a truckload.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh my!! That must have been so stinkin' frustrating! You poor thing.

I do love your pictures - peering at the pond - absolutely precious! And what a thoughtful big brother Ryan is to give rides to Katie - so very sweet! You tell him we're proud of him for being so kind...

Praying for grace for you and the kids until the stuff arrives! Better yet, load up your kids and come play and stay here till they're "out front". Confident you and I would have a wonderful visit, the kids would have a blast and I bet even Ryan would have a good time with Graham....xo

Kim K. said...

That's just unbelievable. I'm glad you are making do with your redneck theme park. Love the pictures. Keep them coming!!

Cari Bacon said...

I so sorry to hear of this MAJOR inconvenience. I had just prayed this week that you would get the rest of your load soon.

Love you pictures. Your kids are so cute!

Sharon said...

This is unbelievable how long it's taking for everything to come! Jack and I were just talking last night wondering if you had gotten your "stuff" yet. So sweet of Ryan to think of little Kate. Love the pictures!