Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Walden Pond

The other day, I headed out to a nearby pond to see if I could find anything interesting to take photos of. A couple of the kids tagged along and wow...did we see some amazing things! God must have had so much fun creating this part of the country. It is beautiful!

This isn't the real Walden Pond, but if I ever felt like contemplating my navel, this pond would be a good place to do so. :) Who am I kidding? The only thing I ever contemplate is my laundry.

These swans were an unexpected, wonderful surprise

This little guy scampered away before I could get any more shots of him

Two turtles sunning themselves on a log

I think purple dragonflies are so cool--but they rarely stay still long enough to photograph

Another turtle on a log

The woods was breathtaking

This dragonfly was hovering over the pond


Lori said...

The pictures are amazing!! I especially love the one in the woods...reminds me of Narnia!

Amy said...

Oh would my kiddo's ever love to go on a nature walk by your house!!! Beautiful!

Kim K. said...

Beautiful pictures. I can see all kinds of adventures in the near future at this pond.

Adeye said...

Absolutely stunning! Amazing pics, friend. Yes, God had FUN there :)