Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is this a Falcon?

Last night and the night before, we had a mysterious visitor in our back yard. I was able to get some photo's of it but haven't had time to research what kind of bird it was. At first, we thought it might be an eagle, but when we got closer to it, we could see it wasn't. Anyone know? Ryan thinks it's a falcon. Whatever it's BIG.

We first noticed it in the tree

Is it me, or does he look like he's dancing?

He then flew down to the ground, so we crept closer. He didn't seem the least bit frightened by our close proximity.

"And who are you?"

"Hmmm...these people are dull as rocks. I guess I'll flap my wings."

"Maybe if I stare them down, they'll stop trying to take my picture."

"They didn't get the hint. Farewell annoying paparazzi."


Adeye said...

Heavens--I have no idea, but it sure is gorgeous.

Kim K. said...

It sure does resemble a falcon. What a handsome bird. You have the most amazing wildlife (that might even include your kiddos on some days). Hugs!!

Angie said...

Gorgeous bird!! Isn't it fun to discover new wildlife that lives nearby?

Deanna said...

awesome pics!
one of my roomate works at the local wildlife center. she'll be sure to know! i'll find out for you!

Melissa B. said...

Holy birds of prey, Batman! That is amazing!!! I have really enjoyed seeing all the shots of your new home town. It makes me want to visit! Gorgeous!

Deanna said...

my animal lady got out her bird book and says this is a juvenile red-tailed hawk. it's not a falcon because of the short toes and it doesn't have a notch in it's beak.
This means you have hawk families there! Because of it's white eyes it's a flegeling and is most probably newly on it's own :)

Karin said...

Darn...just a hawk? My aunt thought it was a red-tailed hawk, too, but I didn't believe her because it doesn't have a red tail. It has a brown tail with white trim.

Falcon just sounds so much more...well...interesting. :) Thank you for finding out for us!!

Kimberlie said...

I was going to say red-tailed hawk too because my brother at age 4 was an expert in distinguishing between the red-tailed hawk and peregrine falcon that used to hang about my parents' property. So beautiful at any rate!