Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cuban Medicine

A blog friend of mine who calls herself a 100% hot-blooded Cuban, has posted a very important must-read on her blog. There is a video of Congresswoman Watson talking about the amazing health care system that Fidel Castro has gifted the Cuban people with. She wants that for us?? After seeing photos that my friend posted on her blog, I'm thinking that Congresswoman Watson is grossly misinformed.

Would you want to be in any of these hospitals?


Lori said... That pretty much says it all. I am pleading with the Lord to have mercy on us in this situation. The majority of the country does.not.want.Obama' plan! Period! But yet he seems to be forgetting how things work in this country!

Mom Of Many said...

OH make me vomit. I am so concerned too, about the apathy among so many. Shocking! We must be on our knees!

Thank you for posting. xo

trustandobey said...

God has certainly BLESSED the USA (even though we have systematically kicked Him out of everything). Lord...please continue to have mercy on us! Do not allow us to go down this path.

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet friend,

It's your turnto pick, but somehow I have no clue if I have your email address or if I never had it. My brain is fuzzy.

Can you email me at:

I can't wait for you to pick!! xo