Sunday, February 14, 2010

Xin Nian Kwai Le!!

Xin Nian Kwai Le! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wish I had some cute Chinese New Year pictures of the girls in their Chinese silk outfits to post but we were running late for church and then the little girls went down for naps as soon as we got home. Maybe I can dress them up again tomorrow and post.

We went to lunch with a family from church and enjoyed a yummy Chinese buffet to celebrate! Tonight Jeff and I are going out to a Valentine dinner with our marriage class from church. It's ye olde two-fer birthday/Valentine day dinner out. What a rip! haha My mom and I both have February birthdays and lamented the timing. I guess it would be worse to have a birthday around Christmas, though.

Ryan called last night! Jeff answered and couldn't hear him at all. It was a horrible connection. He asked if Ryan could call right back but Ryan said there was a long line for the pay phone. Jeff was so sad when they hung up. About an hour later, the phone rang again. Ryan had gone to the back of the line and waited his turn to call again. Wah...if that doesn't bring tears to his mama's eyes.... The good news was that there weren't many guys waiting any more and he was able to talk for about 15-20 minutes!!! So awesome! I love that boy!

The soldier who hadn't gotten any mail, has now gotten nine letters!!! He was shocked! Since then, two other soldiers came and told Ryan that they are not getting any mail and wanted to know if "your mom's friends" would write to them, too! Don't you love it!?! He is going to write down their names and send them to me, so when I get them, I'll let you know. Thank you for writing to Nicholas! I think we will be 'adopting' some of them for Family Day and Graduation because their families won't be able to attend.


Lori said...

Yay! I'm so glad that Nicholas has received 9 letters! And oh my gracious, how my eyes filled with tears when you said some of the other guys requested letters. GASP. Wow, I'm just amazed by that. Send me their names! What an incredible difference a few letters could make in the lives of some lonely soldiers. To God be the glory!

Happy CNY to you too! Dang, I sure wish I had known you knew how to say it in Chinese so I could have written it in Macy's card that I gave her!

Kim K. said...

How wonderful about the letters! Happy CNY! Have a wonderful dinner this evening.

Angie said...

Whoa! I wasn't sure what the Chinese words were in your title, and I thought maybe you were adopting again! So glad that Nicholas rec'd some letters.

Kristin Ferguson said...

We'd love to write more letters Karin. Let us know names and addresses. I'm sooo glad that Nicholas received so many letters. I wish we could have seen his face when he heard his name called out 9 times!!! :)

Warms my heart!

trustandobey said...

I thought you were adopting again too! Olivia has danced in a CNY celebration in Raleigh, NC for the past 2 years. It is really a lot of fun but we didn't do it this year so it has sort of slipped my mind.
So glad to hear that letters have been rolling in. How humbling for those other soldiers to approach Ryan that way. Get their addresses for us. If cards from total strangers means that much, those boys are lonely. We would love to write more.
How is SaraGrace coming along?

Karin said...

Isn't it great that those guys want letters? :)))

SaraGrace is doing great--all back to normal!

Kimberlie said...

WAAAAHHH! I have been sick with the coughing crud and a sinus infection all week and so I didn't get my letter out to Nicholas. This week. I can't wait. I am so proud of all those young men. Let's write to all of them. :)

On the point about the birthday/Valentine's rip off, try having an anniversary just three days after Valentine's. We never really celebrate V-day because what's the point? But today, for the first time in nearly 9 years, I was like "you know a box of chocolates would have been nice at least." Of course, I said it in my head because I didn't want DH to feel bad.

Actually, Paul closed on our first house on Feb 14, 2001, three days before we got married, and the realtor said to him "How are you ever going to top this Valentine's Day gift again?" Yeah, there's no topping that one. :)

Happy Birthday again, Happy New Year, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Adeye said...

Yayyeeeee, I am soooooo thrilled that Ryan called back! Just what your mommy heart needed, my friend. So awesome!

Post the names soon....we'd love to send a letter!

Jean said...

That is so wonderful that families wrote to him! 9 letters- I love it! That would be a great Homeschool project!- Let me know when you have the other names and addresses I will have Sarah write to one of them!

Happy CNY and Valentines day!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

OH my, Karin.
Someone just sent me the link to your blog.
Our son leaves home tomorrow and then flies out on Wed. to Chicago for Basic Training.
I have such a rotten cold, and I've been trying not to add to the congestion....
then read of your son waiting at the back of the line.....TEARS...and the soldiers without mail....more tears.
Please let me know and I will gladly send mail. I teach fourth graders and we will all send them mail. I have a mission to keep this mom focused!!!

chinamom said...

So glad Sara Grace is doing well!:)

The Thomasson's said...

If you were able to get the other boys names and addresses, I would love to write to them also.