Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Who's on First?

I'm certain I date myself by mentioning the "Who's On First" comedy routine by Abbott and Costelo, but hopefully, you have heard of it. I'm convinced that the idea for their famous routine came about after trying unsuccessfully to have a conversation with a toddler.

Kate: Mommy, Jake got my shiwt thoaking wet. (Jake got my shirt soaking wet.)
Me: How did that happen?
Kate: Jake did it.
Me: I know that Jake did it. But how did it happen?
Kate: 'cause.
Me: No...tell me how it happened.
Kate: Jake did it.
Me: Yes, I know. (Then trying a new tactic) Where were you when Jake did it?
Kate: My shiwt is thoaking wet.
Me: (totally exasperated) I KNOW your shirt is wet and I know Jake did it, but what were you guys doing when it happened?
Kate: blank stare

At this point, Taylor, who apparently can hear what's going on around him while having his headphones stuck in his ear, snorted and said,
"Why do you bother? It's like talking to a stump."

For some reason, his comment struck me as hilariously funny, which was a good thing because it diffused the situation. I eventually figured it out on my own. Jake and Kate had been goofing around in the bathroom and Jake was 'washing' something in the sink. He managed to soak Kate's shirt.

I'm just glad he was using sink water and not dipping cups into the toilet. Yes, that has happened in the past.

And speaking of potty stuff...the other night Chloe and SaraGrace were playing and came running into the kitchen dressed like this:

Not sure exactly who they were pretending to be but Chloe introduced her little sister as her 'sidekick.' SaraGrace, ever resourceful when it comes to costumes, used a pair of underwear for a mask since we only have the mask that Chloe was wearing. I actually thought it was kind of ingenious that she used the leg holes for her eyes. Unorthodox...but it worked. And it was a clean pair. (I KNOW you were wondering...)


Stacey said...

I've seen underwear on more than a few kids' heads, and yes, I always have to wonder if they are clean.

I understand the "who's on first routine" which I love when I'm not involved! Ours usually goes like this:

Kid: I hurt myself!
Me: Where did you hurt yourself?
Kid: Over there on the floor.
Me: No, I mean ... where are you hurt?
Kid: Over here now.

My favorite "who's on first" went like this:

Me: Logan, sit down right here on the floor.
Logan: OK (sitting)
Me: That's a good spot.
Logan: My name's not Spot. My name's Logan.

Kim K. said...

I love your toddler adventures!! Jake's activities always bring a smile to my face. Glad it's your house...hee hee. The underpant pictures are pretty darn funny. I could see Josie doing the same thing but fishing them out of the dirty clothes hamper instead. Have a super Thursday!

Angie said...

Extra thankful today for clean undies! Hilarious! You never have a dull moment at your house, do you??

Donna said...

Love it!

Ours goes:
Me: Why did you do that?
Kid: Because I don't want to get in trouble.
Me: But you know you will get in trouble when you do that, so why did you do it?
Kid: Because I don't want to get in trouble.

You get the picture. I try really hard not to ask that question any more.

Always nice to know someone else has the same FUN!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Very innovative with the underwear mask. See, you could homeschool and call that "problem solving 101".


momof3darlings said...


And the "talking to a stump" I just about spit out my pepsi! HAHAHA I can hear that coming out of both of my boys mouth! LOL

Ally said...

Hey Karin! Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Good to know there is another "photo mom" out there. If you ever have any question or need help I am here. I am so excited to be a part of LWB. I know that God gave me the gift of photograhy and it is was up to me to make it work for him! I have been praying and waiting for a opportunity like this. Just so Excited:)

Chris said...

Who's on First is popular around here too.
Someone: "I don't know"
Someoneelse "third base!"

I pity the in-laws-to-be they will be so confused with our poor jokes.

Of course we wondered if the underwear were boys would have been the first to ask.

Tesseraemum said...

HaHaHA! It's actually my 3 (4 on saturday) year old who can tell you the whole story! The older 2 play the whose on 1st routine! It's just hard to interprete the story... She went fwopping westerday don't ya know?!

Lori said...

Somebody please set up a camera and get this family a reality show!! It would be non-stop chaotic hilarity...with mom always neatly dressed, a smile on her face, and a dust rag in-hand.


Amy said...

Crack me up!!! I love it!

Shannon said...

Wow! And I thought that only BoYS did that kind of thing! Karin! I love it that you are not to proud to show the hilarious, embarrassing moments in family life!