Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Got Nuthin'...

...worthwhile to say. We have been just hanging around the house this week, staying up late eating popcorn while watching the Olympics, and sleeping in. Not too exciting for a blog post. When all else fails, post a photo.

Jeff returned this afternoon from Mexico, where it was cold yesterday--and where there was no heat in the buildings, so he got chilled to the bone. He is happy to be home in his nice warm house.

Speaking of house...we have been house hunting lately. We are currently renting the home we are in, and it is time to find something to buy. We have looked and has been quite discouraging. We have somewhat...uh...unique needs. I have been praying for a long time that one house would just stand out from the rest...and I think we found it this week. Yay! We are waiting to see if everything will work out but it's looking promising. I am so ready to do some nesting and can't wait to plant flowers (when it gets warm), paint the kids' rooms a color besides beige, and just feel at HOME.
And now for a thrilling, toddler triplet, potty training update.

I am happy to report that Jake, Kate and Zoey are all doing well--during the day. Jake is still wet in the morning, so he is the only one still wearing pull-ups. Their next goal is to learn to wipe.


Seriously. I have instructed them to tell me when they are 'done.' This was necessary to prevent a premature summons to the bathroom, requiring me to stand there gagging on the stench while they finished the deed.

Now they have the courtesy to wait. Oh...except for Jake who experiences the occasional dingle-berry.

So...I normally hear, "I'M DONE!!!" That is my signal to hold my breath and come and wipe their bums. Which of course I do with great love and admiration for what they have been able to accomplish.


It would seem that certain little people like to sneak off the toilet without summoning a parent. The little people in question are not yet skilled enough to cover their tracks or destroy evidence. Several times in the past week, I have discovered underwear with crusty stripes. Hello?! Underwear is NOT toilet paper. What did you think would happen when you didn't use any?

I know you are ALL thinking that Jake is the culprit.
Not this time.

He was falsely accused today though. He got up from his nap and came over to cuddle with me on the couch. Something reeked. I assumed it was him. So I asked him,
"Jake, did you poop?"
"I poop on da toiwet."
"Did you wipe?"

Lucky for him, his are the kind that often don't need toilet paper, even though I use it anyway. I checked him out and he was clean, so I don't know from whence the stench wafted.

I'm sure this is all too much information, but it's late, I've been cooped up all week with a house full of kids and frankly, Poop Happens a lot around here.


Adeye said...

Hahahahahaha---oh I needed a good laugh late at night!!!! That is WONDERFUL. Hey, share the poop stories, friend. Poop happens in every house :)

Kim K. said...

Just when I complain about having Miss J's butt to wipe, I think about you and your troop. I always appreciate your honesty and keeping it real. I can't wait to see house pics. I hope this is the ONE!!

Tesseraemum said...

Ha! Keep sharing the poop stories! It's nice to know someone else talks about it! My family doesn't appreciate it! Sheri

Lori said...

Heeheehee. I'm glad Jake turned out to be innocent. Bless his heart.

Kristin Ferguson said...

There are a few really nice homes that would accomodate your family that are currently available in my neighborhood and Lisa's--time to move to NC!!! Although I guess then we wouldn't get to benefit from those beautiful "snowy lane" pictures you're now famous for--great one today again!!


Karin said...

Trust me, Kristin, if I could move to a nice warm place like NC, I would do it in a heartbeat. Save me a spot!

Dana said...


I am starting to do some black and whites with verses and I want to print them BIG and mat and frame them like Ansel Adams prints in my living room. :D I like that they are MINE! LOL

Oh your kids are simply ADORABLE! I still have a "wiper" at home that we get bellows from the bathroom from. LOL

Dionne Sincire said...

i'm a mom and can appreciate a good poop story, but it's no fun finding skid marks on the toilet seat.

Kimberlie said...

My two youngest are 4.5 and 6 and I am still wiping bums. My 6 yr old has to get totally naked to poop and he will only poop at HOME. If we are out, he holds it (with much whining) until we get home. I have tried everything to get him to go in a public restroom if necessary but he refuses. Probably grosses him out to think about being completely naked and who can blame him. But he won't even go at school if he has too and I worry about what this might be doing to his health.

Any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.