Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Update

After getting a lung scan, it has been noted that SaraGrace's artery is now pumping twice the amount of blood into her lung that it was prior to receiving the stent! WOOHOO!! The veins and vessels in that lung are much smaller because they have not been receiving the blood they were supposed to have been getting. However, they are expected to grow now that they are getting more blood. In time, it is hoped that the 32% blood flow will increase (Normal is 45. She was at 19 before the stent was put in). The biggest and most awesome news is: she might not have to have open heart surgery when she needs her valve replaced!! If her current one holds out long enough, there is new technology that enables them to replace a valve using a cardiac catheter!! I had read that they were starting to use this for adults but not yet for children. Apparently, they have now developed a valve that can be used for some kids if they are big enough. The cardiologist said he can't promise it for SaraGrace, but she is definitely a candidate! Such amazing news as we had always been told she would need two more open heart surgeries to replace her valve as she grows. The technology for heart defects is improving at such speed. I have hope that Kate will be able to benefit as well.

She is quite anxious to get out of here and get the IV out of her hand. It's itching and driving her nuts. Thank goodness for Disney princess movies to distract her or I think we would both be a little nutty by now. The meals in bed didn't have the same luster as they did prior to experiencing them. Smile.

We both slept fine last night--thanks to being able to have a private room (another WOOHOO!). We are on a cardiac floor so most of the patients are tiny babies who don't necessarily know the difference between day and night.

A snowstorm is headed our way and school was canceled for Taylor who can now babysit when the girls are dismissed at noon. That made life much easier as Jeff was trying to figure out how to come and get us and juggle the kids. A friend was going to help out but now Taylor can handle things.

First wheel chair ride--and she had the energy to flash a smile for the camera.

The nurse just came in with the golden discharge papers, so we are busting out of here as soon as Jeff gets here. YAY!

Oh and thank you for the birthday wishes from some of you...yes, today is my birthday and I'm now on the downward slope toward 50. hahahahahahaha


Shannon said...

I"m so happy everything went well.

Kim K. said...

Such wonderful news!! Yippee!! I've been reading over and over again about the new procedure for valve replacement and I'm really excited. Josie will need her valve replaced someday and anything that doesn't require such invasive work makes me excited. How wonderful that you had a private room too. Hugs!!!

Cari said...

SaraGrace is such a trooper! She looks great. Glad she is doing well and thanks for the update.

(Happy B-day, Karin!)

Jill said...

I LOVE that smile in the last picture! So cute! So glad to hear the good news. Also glad about the possible cath VS open heart later! We are hoping for that for my niece as well! It IS amazing what is happening these days isn't it??

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the quick recovery news and what a beautiful smile from SaraGrace! Enjoy getting home today and your birthday too!

sara said...

yea! what an awesome birthday present to get such great new AND take your beautiful girl home.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Great news!!! So glad you're going home to enjoy your birthday with all of your children (minus Ryan of course-sniff).

Have a great day!!!

Kimberlie said...

Yeah for SaraGrace! And, no fair keeping birthday secrets. I will be on the downward side this year too. It will be a nice club to belong to, eh?

trustandobey said...

Sounds like it could not have gone any better! Praise God!!!!
ps- Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Karin
Happy Birthday to you
Shooby Dooby Do Waaaaaa:)
pss-6 cards on their way to SC!!!!

Adeye said...

Yayyeeeee....wonderful news, friend!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....I am so happy you're not going to be stuck in a hospital room all day :) Have a wonderful day with your sweet family today!

Lori said...

SaraGrace looks so stinkin' cute in that wheelchair pic! What a little peanut!

Oh hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sorry, did you say you were on the downhill slide to 30? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Love ya, friend!

Chris said...

so glad she is doing well.
Happy 30th!!!

Gretchen said...

I am so happy that Sara Grace is going home!

Happy Birthday, dear sweet friend. I remember your birthday last year. I can't believe that a whole year has just flown by! We will celebrate a belated birthday when you come down in April! I miss you!

James, Dawn and Family said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! So glad to hear all the good news. GOD is sooo cool.

Holly said...

oh Karin!!I didn't know it was your b-day! Happy Birthday! May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!
I am thrilled to hear about this cardiac news! yahoo!!! Your daughter is a beautiful patient :)
I wonder what Jake's gotten into since you've been away ;)
He keeps things hopping doesn't he? :)
I think maybe you should consider another little know, to even things out and so he won't have to dress up in tutus anymore?

Sharon said...


SaraGrace looks wonderful!!! It's so great that medical technology has come so far with heart patients. We are so happy for all of you! Enjoy your birthday. You have a lot to celebrate!!!

Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Karin,
What a great gift to be able to take your little one home today!!She looks great. What awesome news about the possiblities of valve replacement. Continueing to lift you up.

Karin said...

Oh have no idea! Jeff was making Jeff tear his hair out! Another little boy?! AAAAHHHHHHH... I don't think I could handle it! :)