Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Belated Chinese New Year photos...

I did eventually get the little girls to pose in their CNY silks. They were happy to oblige.

Jeff has been in sunny, warm Mexico this week. All the kids have had the week off for winter break. I'm not bitter...I'm just sharin' my testimony.

We got about six inches of heavy wet snow yesterday so our sledding hill was back in business. I planned to just take photos, but Jillian begged, pleaded, and pretty much wouldn't take no for an answer about me joining them on the slope. I did get some pictures taken before I was required to join them, however.

The new trick is sliding down the hill without a sled...kind of a body sledding thing have to lie down on the hill to slide down, not just flop down at the top and expect to go anywhere

Jakie is so little...he is the essence of cuteness as he tries to walk around in the snow

SaraGrace, the child most likely to embarrass us, was absolutely cracking me up. She grabbed my hand as we climbed the hill and said, "Let's rock and roll!" I don't know where she heard that, but leave it to her to come up with a saucy remark. Once at the top, she looked down and announced, "Get out of my way, Bub." No clue to whom that statement was directed.

It didn't take long for me to realize that I am woefully out of shape and I huffed and puffed after going up and down the hill a few times. Dang! It was so much fun, but after awhile I could not ignore the pounding in my ears and had to take a break.

The snow here in New England is different than the Midwest. It's generally not as cold here, so the snow is wet and sticks to the trees and bushes. It's so beautiful. The sun was shining on the trees today, making the snowy branches sparkle like diamonds. I tried to get some photos--which didn't do the scenery justice, but I'll post them anyway so you can get an idea. If you double click on them they will be larger.


Kim K. said...

Love the CNY outfit pics...especially with the umbrella in the background. You always take amazing outdoor pictures. I'd be just a tad bit jealous of your hubby's destination right now too.

PS. Josie and I are off to visit the cardiologist this morning. Think good thoughts around 10:30am.

trustandobey said...

I am sure Jeff is just as sorry to have to be in warm tropical Mexico as you are to have him gone:)Look at ALL the fun he is missing:)
Hang in there...Friday is coming.
ps-The girls are edible!!!

Kimberlie said...

Beautiful pictures! On the "let's rock and roll" comment, does/has SaraGrace by chance watched any Bob the Builder videos? Yeah, that phrase would be from Rolly who tends to say that at the beginning of each new project. I don't have to tell you how I know that one. Ugh. I think I can sing the theme songs by heart to: Bob the Builder, Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer, etc. My kids tend to go through phases and they watch certain shows ad nauseum. Right now, #3 is on a Diego kick. the same video (Diego Saves Christmas right now). With my older boys, they are really into the Rescue Heros whose characters are fire fighters, search and rescue types and have super clever names like (Ha!) Billy Blazes, Wendy Waters, Ariel Flyer, and Rocky Canyon (he's the rock climber in the group).

I really have to get a life.

Kathleen said...

I hope we get some snow soon...I have four kids ready to go out and play in the "white stuff". It has been an off season for us. We always have tons of snow in Vermont but it all seems to be in south this winter:).

James, Dawn and Family said...

Girls are too sweet. Their hair has grown soo much in a year. James was "trapped" in Florida last week for work. They miss so much when there gone....pajama day, ER visit, movie night, mom's bed slumber party. Warm weather can't beat that?

Lori said...

Your kids totally crack me up. And the CNY pics are priceless. Who needs Mexico when you have all that sweetness goin' on at home. Ok actually, you and I both could use a Mexican vacation (let's research all-inclusives, OK?). Alright well, I'd settle for a siesta.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Great photos as always Karin. Enough with the sledding photos, just adds to my guilt that I haven't taken my kids North for our bi-annual sledding vacation. :(

Received sweet letters today from Ryan and Nick. The kids really enjoyed reading them! Have you gotten the new boys' names yet?