Sunday, January 31, 2010

Triple Miss

Oh yes, folks. It happened again.

Ryan called tonight.

I missed it. We were at church.


The good news is that Ryan did talk to Taylor, and not the answering machine. I guess they are going to be able to call more than once a week now, and he is hoping to call again in a few days. I am seriously considering not leaving the house until I get to talk to him.


He doesn't have my cell number because I have a new one. He also hates calling my cell because he thinks I never answer it. (I admit, sometimes don't hear it because I don't carry it in my pocket like guys do.) Unfortunately, he didn't call Jeff's cell tonight because I definitely would have bolted out of our class to talk to him.



Jean said...

I am so bummed for you- I know your heart just dropped when you found out you had missed him. Thank goodness he gets to call back in a couple days!
Praying that this next time the call will get to his Momma!!

Bless you!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you missed him again! I can only imagine how hard that is. Even though he hasn't gotten to talk to you, I'm sure the love of his Momma is helping carry him through each day. I'm keeping him and you in my prayers. He is to be greatly commended for his service to our country.
God bless,
Jennifer, a proud military wife (and probably eventually a military mom!)

Holly said...

oh MAN!!! Write that boy and tell him you will wear your phone around your neck if that's what it takes!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I am so going to be praying that you will get to hear your son's voice in the next few days!!! I agree with Lisa...duct tape that phone to your body!!!


Kim K. said...

You poor thing!! The 4th time has to be the ticket. Hugs.

Lori said...

Karin, STAY HOME!!! Do.not.leave. until you have talked to that boy.

trustandobey said...

Duct tape that cell phone to your upper arm!!!
So glad to hear that his calls will be increasing now. Our phones are Panasonic and you can set a different ring tone for different callers. Does your phone have that option? If they are within 2 years old they might. Then, the phone will ring in a special tone whenever Ryan calls. You will know it is him before you can even begin to track down a handset!!!


sara said...

say it isn't so!!! Karin, my heart is hurting with yours. I think I would be sequestering myself in until the next call. But so glad to hear he can now call more often!

I will be listening for the cry/scream that I will be able to hear all the way over here when you finally get to talk to him this week!! :)

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, my friend, that is just such a bummer. I think you have the right idea---STAY AT HOME!!!!! Send your hubby out for anything and everything that you could possibly need in the next week. Keep the phone glued to you :)

Can't wait for GOOD NEWS really soon!!!!

Sorry :(