Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learning New Things

Whenever we venture into a new experience, it is full of opportunity to learn something new. For our family, our newest experience is having our first child leave the nest. I was reflecting today on what I am learning.

  • It's more painful than I realized it would be
  • It's more exciting than I thought it would be
  • I had no idea that getting a letter from Ryan would give me such an adrenaline rush
  • It has been so precious to get letters from him telling us how much he loves and misses us
  • It is amazing to see him grow up right before our eyes
  • Because of him being in the military, he is realizing things earlier than many young people--which is a blessing for him and for us (things like appreciating his family, and all that we did for him--wah)
  • It makes me marvel that God would have been willing to send His ONLY Son for us because if Ryan was an only child I think I would be in the fetal position right now
  • I wonder if when I stop to talk to God it also gives Him an adrenaline rush
  • I realize anew how precious it must be to God when I tell Him how much I love Him
  • He must enjoy watching me grow in love, joy, peace, faith, etc.
  • He must long for me to come Home even more than I long to see my Ryan
On a much happier note than Sunday, we got a letter from Ryan!! It was so exciting! We also got a letter from his Commander with information about Graduation from Basic Training. We plan to attend in March and will be making the drive to South Carolina for the big event.


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful reflective post. I can't even imagine the range of feelings you must be going through right now. How exciting that you'll be traveling/attending his big event in March.

Michelle said...

I pray for the weeks to pass by quickly and for you to get lot's of letters... Can't wait to see the big celebration in March..

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing you thoughts.

I can understand the only child thing, as I look at sending one of to college and 2 to marriage this summer...I am so very thankful that my youngest 2 blessings have a way to go before they leave the nest!!!

Praying for you all during this time of adjustment.

Tammy said...

I've been out of the "blog loop" for a while. I just wanted to say Congratulations to your son for his wonderful decision to serve our country. My husband served in the Army for 27 years and it was always a blessing for us.

I pray you will have peace during your time apart. My daughter's fiancé will be heading to Basic soon, so I'll probably be asking you for advice. ;)


Adeye said...

What an absolutely stunning pic of Ryan with his Dad. So glad you got a much-needed letter, my friend. Hang in there--March is JUST around the corner :) It'll come quicker than you think.

trustandobey said...

Oh yes...one day.. you and I will be helping to plan a wedding:)By the way, the photo of Ryan and your husband should have placed, if not won...you superbly captured the moment and your husband's feelings are so transparent in his expression. It is a perfect capture...

Mom Of Many said...

OH dear friend,

How I remember the boot camp days....and now the deployment days are just not as much fun as everyone says (LOL)...

When Ty is deployed I have my cell on me at all times (during church I have it tucked in my shirt sometimes so I can be sure to feel the vibration!)....because those calls are the ones that we parents long for...and sometimes they seem to be forever between them....

I continue to pray for grace for you and encouragement for Ryan...Tyler did not find boot camp to be a place of encouragement...ugh...

We are so proud your Ryan...he has made the ultimate choice - sacrifically giving his days to serve our country...thank you Ryan! xo

Bonnie said...

What a beautiful post, I also have two sons in the Army. They both had left for Basic training 1 1/2 weeks from each other, two different post. The feelings you are feeling as a mom I totally understand and have felt them and still are feeling them. My second son has told me as of last night that his unit is suppose to be deployed next January but they are trying to push it up to October. That will be another experience. I have said to other mothers with a son/daughter or any loved one in the military that we need to storm heaven with our prayers everyday for those who are servinng our country. I will be praying for your son and family.
God Bless

trustandobey said...

So glad you got a letter!!! Every one of your points makes me want to cry. I love when God shows us Himself in the midst of storms. We cannot comprehend the level of His love for us....it is just that simple.
ps-looking forward to your trip to SC:)

Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) said...

The drive to SC is a beautiful one! (the state itself is a joy! Or was for me at least.) "Smiling faces, beautiful faces"!
I lived in Columbia for a short while, and would love to go back to for a visit. What a great place for a graduation!
So thankful for Ryan!

Jean said...

What a beautiful post- It leaves me thinking about many things...

What an incredible journey this thing called "life" is...

Blessings to you,

Wife of the Pres. said...


I so needed to read this today.

"I wonder if when I stop to talk to God it also gives Him an adrenaline rush."

You are so wise Karin. So very wise.

And that photo, please tell me you have it in a frame somewhere. I am so sorry you missed his call on Sunday. :((( Hopefully he can call again soon? I have no idea how that works, but I have a thought that it is not just something he can do anytime. PLEASE answer the cell next time!!!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Karin, I was okay until I got to the picture of Ryan and his daddy, and then the tears came. I know you posted it before, and it was a treasure then, but wow . . . like you said, he is growing up before your eyes . . . That picture captures so much of a daddy and his boy . . . and the next picture will be of a daddy and his tough soldier. Still your Ryan, yes, but in a "my heart is gonna burst at the sight of this man in uniform" kind of way. Oh I am so excited for you to see him, and so excited that you have heard from him by voicemail (darn) and letters (yay)! Praying you hear his voice for real, very soon!

Thank you for taking the time to share what the Lord is teaching you through all of this. Your wisdom is a blessing to me, and to many others as well!

Love from Texas ~


thecountlessconklins said...

Karin, thank-you for your comforting words, I shall recall them in a few weeks when it is my turn to let go.

Gretchen said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture. It really shows how close you are as a family.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Hi Karin,
Just saw your "winter" picture on I heart faces!!! Congratulations--it's beautiful. Lisa told me about it and I finally had a chance to go online to go look at it. Love that the bible verse is there for all to see as well. :)