Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Oath

This morning, we traveled to Boston to be present when Ryan and other recruits took the oath and left for b*sic training.

I have never been so humbled.

They had the recruits take the oath in groups of 15 or so. I watched them with tears in my eyes. Some of them were sooo young. And they were going to stand between my loved ones and the enemy.

We taped Ryan taking the oath and I tried to upload it to the blog but kept getting an error message. I'll try again tomorrow. At the beginning of the video, they ask the recruits to state their name, what branch they are joining, job training and why they wanted to join. Ryan was the fourth guy to speak. The three guys prior to him were embarrassed and couldn't think of a reason why they joined other than, "it was something to do,' etc. I wondered what Ryan would say because he gets very uncomfortable with any type of public speaking. But he calmly stated his name, branch, job, and then gave his reason for joining.

"I want to serve my country."

Ahhh...the tears started to roll. About half of the recruits ended up giving the same reason and it was so touching. So, so, so humbling.

I watched the tearful farewells from the other families around me. It was almost unbearable to be in the room.

President Bush's words ring in my ears...'On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank you." To those boys/men I saw today...thank you. Thank you to their families. Thank you to their friends.

Hanging out and waiting to take the Oath--along with a friend from youth group

Katie-bug gets some snuggle time

SaraGrace breaks down at the thought of Ryan leaving

These guys will be protecting our freedom

Taking the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States

Some of the guys were SO young

Last family picture for awhile

Chloe breaks down and Ryan tries to comfort his little buddy

My hero

My heros


James, Dawn and Family said...

In tears--hug Chloe up. Sending hugs to the rest of you. Tell Ryan how proud we are of him and THANKS.

Holly said...

oh my, they are so very young and yet....they are real men..in so many ways. It is very difficult to take our freedoms for granted when you are keenly aware of the price that is paid...in service...when it's one of your own.
Deep breaths my friend. God will go before Him. He has required your trust on many levels regarding the very life and heartbeat of your children before. He is every bit of capable with this young man. I know you know that..it's just a reminder.
Your children will have an appreciation for those who serve like most other children will not.
Counting the blessings with you,

Waitingfaithfully said...

Thinking of you, and praying for you today dear friend. Precious post, precious pictures, precious son.

Love and blessings,


Lori said...

Oh Karin, I can just barely stand it. Those young men are so very young. Oh my heart. And your pictures...so bitter-sweet.

Angie said...

I'm not even sure what to post except I'm so thankful for your son, and all the soldiers that help keep us safe and enjoy the liberties we have. We'll be praying for Ryan.

Shannon said...

I was really touched by your post. How hard to see your son choose such a dangerous and challenging position. Yet, how sweet to see him choose to become a man.

Kimberlie said...

Thank you Karin and Jeff for supporting and loving Ryan in this decision. Thank you Ryan for being willing to serve your country. In essence, you are serving me by protecting my freedom and my family's. I am proud of all of you!!!

sara said...

wow. praying for your family today. thank you for letting us be part of this.

trustandobey said...

Our heros too.....
Praying every day!!!

Meredith said...

I'm so proud of Ryan!! We will be praying for him and you all as everyone adjusts to him being away for a while!

Kim K. said...

Ok. I should have had tissues handy in my office when I opened up your blog this morning. Oh my. Sending hugs and lots of prayers to your ENTIRE family.

Sharon said...

Oh well, I'm sobbing right along with Chloe and SaraGrace. I know you must be so proud!

Dawn said...

We have a son in Iraq now. God will sustain you and hold you... May God bless and keep all our soldier sons...


Gayle Miller said...

God bless you all - and thank you for your beautiful - and oh so young - son!

klar4230 said...

I found your blog through BlackFive...I just wanted to thank your son and family for making this sacrifice for our freedoms!

I have a friend who is a 2LT in the Army and everytime I see him in his uniform I fill with pride! I can tell you do the same thing when you think about your son!

Humble wife said...

My son leaves for Afghanstan in a few weeks...I am with you on these young folks standing so brave and tall in times like we are in.

Praying for you and yours

Richard said...

When my son quit college and signed up for the Marine Corp after 911, I asked him simply, why? He told me he did not want his generation to be the only one who would not fight for their country. To this day I can not think about it and not tear up. Thank you Ryan for your service.

Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing. So touching.

How you holding up today? Thinking about your whole family...

Orion said...

I signed up in August of 2006 and just now got back from deployment to Iraq - I had a great time and I love being in the Army. I think he will too.

Remember in Basic and AIT, the fastest way out is to graduate - do what they say, when they say to do it and you'll have a really, really easy time of it. Heck, I graduated and I was almost 44 years old at the time!

So, Let me just say HOOAH! to my newest brother, and I'll see you downrange!

SGT Jeff Burhans

STEVE said...

Karin & Jeff: Thank you for raising a son that even has it in him to want to serve his country. This character trait is not too common in the "ME generation".

If you think that the Swearing In was a proud and tearful moment, just wait until you watch him graduate from Boot Camp. Multiply your present emotions by about ten, and you'll be somewhere in the ball park. And make sure that everyone in the family that can be. . . will be there.

Best of luck to your whole family, and especially Ryan.

Semper Fi
a proud Marine father

Kim H. said...

Made my way over from Kim's blog -- and I should have listened to her tissue warning.

It is bittersweet I'm sure, as we watch our children become adults, then go on to commit to protect our many freedoms we often take for granted. What would we be without our armed services? I am thankful every day.

Know I will pray for your son, his safety, your peace of mind. And you have a beautiful, beautiful family.

Kim H. said...


On a sidenote, our friends David & Nikki are actually en route right now to China to get their special needs son they are adopting. He will be their second adopted child -- and Nikki, the Mom is home -- as she is pregnant, due to have their baby five days after David returns. If you'd like to follow their story, they are blogging about their travels here.


Blessings to you all!

Lisa said...

In tears reading your blog entry. Sending up prayers for Ryan and your family. May God Bless you all. My son is 16 and I can not imagine the feelings you have.

Take Care,

XtnYoda said...


Gretchen said...

I just read all of the comments and I am thanking God for all of the people who send kind words in our time of need.

As always, we are lifting up Ryan and all of the brave men who are starting on this journey of life with him. I am very humbled, as another reader pointed out, that we have such amazing people that choose to step up in this generation and do something with their lives that actually does not serve them personally, but serves so many others. It is a completely unselfish path to take. It is a great way to start your life as an adult. We all should be choosing to serve others in some capacity or another. I am so glad that you have raised a son who has chosen to do just that.

Love you and big hugs from down here!

thecountlessconklins said...

We live in western Ny. We take him to Buffalo on Feb 9 and he flies to Fort Leonardwood Missouri on the 10th. He is doing Army National Guard. H e had a perfect score on ASFAB so he is doing high security /language training in Monterey Ca he will be gone 79 weeks and then we shall see what God has for him.

GreenLeaf said...

Thanks Ryan

Shawn, Shelley, Emily, Sarah, Lauren, AnnaGrace and Avery said...

Oh Karen, Praying for you! Praying for Ryan! Thanks for sharing with us.

familyof8 said...

thanks for sharing your family with us all...especially Ryan. It will be a honor to pray for him and for you all. I can't imagine my Emily (adopted from China) having to say good bye to our oldest son. He traveled to China with us and they are so close.
We are so grateful for Ryan, and the others who are serving our country with honor. You have raised a fine son...your Father in Heaven is well pleased!

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK … crying big time now. I just have no other words but thank you and Godspeed to them all.

momof3darlings said...

Please tell Ryan THANK YOU!

One of the Youth boys we've known since he was 12 years old and just starting out in our Youth dept joined the army and is now stationed in Iraq. :( I am so SUPER proud of him! Gone are the many weekends of him sleeping on our couch.....now we pray for SAFETY until he comes home!

It's a scary place we live in.