Saturday, January 30, 2010

Missing Private Ryan

We are kind of getting a kick out of the fact that Ryan is now, "Private Ryan."

Ryan called today.

I missed it.



The good news is that Jeff and some of the girls were home and were able to talk to him. Jeff didn't hear the phone ring, so the machine picked up and now, after a month of waiting, I have those sweet words on the answering machine. "Hi, Mom." Thankfully, Jillian heard him leaving a message and picked up. We would have felt horrible if he had not been able to talk to anyone after getting his five minute phone call for the week. He is doing much better than he was the first week of Basic. He has actually been enjoying some of the activities they have done.

He wrote to a friend who was kind enough to share his letter with us and said that he is going to church every Sunday and has met some other Christians to talk to. He really misses 'civilization,'
wearing normal clothes, and he wants a big juicy burger!

We have received two letters from him and he has very sweetly talked about missing us, and being thankful for all that we have done for him.


God is good and prayers are being answered for Ryan. Thank you to any of you who have and are praying for him.


Lori said...

GASP! I was seriously getting queezy thinking that Ryan didn't get to talk to any of you again! I'm sooo glad that his call didn't get missed this time around...even if you didn't get to talk to him. :(

I'm SO THANKFUL that he is going to church every Sunday. That's wonderful news!!

sara said...

be still my mama's heart.....I am so sorry you missed it again. My heart sunk when I read that, but I am thankful you got to hear his voice!!

And even more thankful that things are going better for him and that he has connected with some Christians!!

trustandobey said...

I am so thankful to hear this!!! Praise God he found a church and some other Christians!!! I am sorry
you missed the call again. Do you have a cell phone that you can keep with you at all times duct taped to your body??? It would be so worth any body hair you might lose upon its removal. I will be praying for strenthening of the Christian relationships.

Shonni said...

Oh, I am so sorry...just those precious words "Hi Mom". Praying for you all!

Kim K. said...

Gosh darn!! I'm sorry you missed his phonecall again. It sounds like he's doing well. He continues to be in my prayers. Hugs!

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh bless your momma's aching heart. So sorry you missed Ryan's call again. :( but thankful he was able to speak to some of the family. I'm sure he is missing you all as you are missing him!
Praying that NEXT week you can hear his sweet voice in your ear!!

So glad to hear he is connecting with like-minded friends and that he is feeling encouraged during this time of seperation and growth.

Prayers continue for him and your family.....

Cari said...

sorry you missed him AGAIN, but at least he was able to talk to part of the family. glad he's going to church, that probably gives him a sense of normalcy and comfort with all the change he's been through; not to mention God's peace.

continuing to pray for him and your family!

Pat Ollek said...

When my son,Sean, was in basic he wrote to me about his experiences. He said that he never felt more "normal" than when he would be able to go to church on Sundays. It made whatever he had endured during the week bearable. And the only book they were allowed to read at night before going to sleep was the Bible. Warms my heart to know there is an "anchor" in Ryan's life at Basic. Keeping him in my prayers.