Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yesterday, the girls and I were at a park and noticed some couples dancing. Our helper told me that that they come every day and dance for exercise. They were so graceful. It was fun to watch and reminded me of watching my grandparents dance. We eventually attracted a crowd, all wanting to know if the girls were twins. Since our helper was Chinese and could converse, she was peppered with questions. At one point she looked at me and said, “They ask too many questions, too fast, I cannot answer.” I just stood there looking like I was watching a tennis match with my head swiveling back and forth as they all spoke at once. Finally one woman dug in her purse, produced her camera and asked to get her picture taken with us. Her friend jumped into the photo, as well. Too funny!! This happens a lot and I always wonder what they tell their friends. “Oh…we asked a stranger on the street for a photo and here it is.” I had our helper take one on my camera too. So…here is MY photo with some strangers on the street in China. ha

We are safely in Hong Kong, preparing for our last leg of an amazing journey to get our daughters. The girls are currently crying in stereo because they don’t want to go to bed.

Friends of ours in Hong Kong arranged for a van to pick us up at our hotel in Guangzhou and drive us to HK, so that we didn’t have to deal with schlepping our ridiculous amount of luggage through the airport or train station. It was very much appreciated! We had a very comfortable ride from our hotel to the doorstep of our friends’ home. It was a beautiful day and we ate lunch outside and then walked around the infamous Stanley Market. Jeff still had a list of items that Taylor had requested, so he did his best to fulfill Taylor’s wishes. And no, Taylor, they will not allow us to bring fireworks onto the plane.

We had fun catching up with our friends and the day passed way too quickly. Baby thought that Hong Kong was very beautiful but he is bummed that his people only got one picture of it from the van. The rest turned out blurry. Sorry about that! Baby did pose in the window of our friends’ house, though, so you can see the water and mountains in the background.

We are always sad when we leave China. We love being here, we love how friendly the people are, and we love getting to know our children’s country a bit more each time. We are anxious to see our kids at home, though, so we must say “Zaijian” to China. (Kids…. I bet you can guess what the word Zaijian means! It means, ‘good-bye’ in Chinese. It is pronounced: zy geon. )

Some random thoughts as we leave….
--It’s the last time for awhile that I will smile and say hello to so many people in one day—and get a big smile in return!
--I probably won’t hear horns honking at cars waiting in line at a toll both in the US
--I won’t be in danger of getting T-boned by a bicycle while I’m riding in a car
--I’ll be able to use tap water to brush my teeth
--I forgot how good it feels to walk everywhere until I spent these past two weeks in China
--I won’t have strangers asking to get their picture taken with me
--I won’t see grandma’s carrying babies who are wearing ten layers of clothing to keep warm, but leave their freezing little butt cheeks hanging out of their split pants
--I will deeply miss China because I love to come here

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