Friday, January 02, 2009

More Random thoughts from yesterday

Traffic in Beijing: It has much improved from the last time we were here. The drivers were actually staying in their lanes! Seatbelts are not used, though, which is rather unnerving when you are careening down the highway at 75-80 miles an hour. I tried to find mine, but couldn't, so I finally just closed my eyes and prayed not to be in an accident. Our driver, despite being a Mario Andretti wannabe, was skillful and not reckless.

We were wondering what the air quality would be since they did so much to clean it up before the Olympics. See for yourself what it was like yesterday.... This is the view from our 18th floor hotel room.

This is what Blogger looks like when I log in to type these posts. Luckily, I remember what to click on because I can't read Chinese!

Jillian and Molly's classes at school are joining Chloe's class in following Baby around China, so here is a special message for them.

Hi kids!! I want to teach you how to say, "hello" in Chinese. It's 'Ni hao,' which is pronounced, 'knee how.'

Yesterday it was 3 degrees Celsius in Beijing. Can you figure out what that is in Fahrenheit? (and then let me know, because I don't know either! LOL)

And last but not least, a few more pictures of the cute kids at Hope Healing Home.

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mncfi said...

Wow - Joseph looks so big! And so handsome. What a precious smile.