Sunday, January 11, 2009

We started out this morning by heading to church. We always go to church here in Guangzhou, and it is always amazing to me to be able to worship with our Chinese friends.

While out shopping, a group of about 15 young children walked by with their teachers. The teachers wanted the children to use their best English phrases to try to talk to us. The kids were so cute and tried very hard to say things like, “Hello, nice to meet you,” “My name is ----“ etc. The teachers asked Jeff and I to sign our names in the children’s notebooks, so each child lined up for our autographs.

It was a beautiful day here – not like home where we got a blizzard. Ugh. We took the kids for a walk by the river and then Jeff suggested I do a bit of shopping and he would stay at the park with the girls. It seems they are all bored out of their minds while I am deciding what/if to buy. While I was gone, Jeff made the girls strollers into a double stroller. There was a group of old men watching him and when he succeeded in getting it to work, they all began to applaud!

Yes, this contraption is all one piece!

Eating lunch at "I Love Lucy's"


Angie said...

I'm just loving the updates that you're sharing. And I remember eating at this restaurant when we were there for our little Laura! Blessings to you all...and enjoy your remaining days of beautiful weather! It looks like the North Pole in MI!
Angie Miller

michele nicholson said...

Wow,you guys already have your girls! I knew you were going in Jan., but didn't realize you were there now. I've been catching up on your blog and your girls are absolutely precious!!! My son just walked over and looked at your blog and said, "hey, she (Zoey) looks like Emma." I was thinking the same thing, they really do resemble each other quite a bit. Sounds like things are going really well. I still can't believe you are bringing home 2 at once. What a blessing!!!!
Much Love,

Mark said...

The girls are so adorable - we are so happy for you guys.

Can you bring some of that yummy cuisine home on the plane? Oh.. you probably don't want your suitcase slithering away do you?