Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're home! was so weird to log into my blog and not have it be in Chinese!

We made it home, despite delay after delay. We were originally supposed to arrive home at 3:30PM on Friday and ended up getting home at 12:30AM Sat., which meant that it was 2:30AM by the time we got home. By the time we got the girls fed (because it felt like lunch time to our bodies) and in bed, it was 4AM. argh. But least our plane didn't crash into the Hudson!

I will post more later, with pics, after I get some sleep. But just so you know, the girls did very well meeting their large group of siblings today! Thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciated them more than you could know


Lynsay said...

I'm so glad you got home! So glad you didn't crash in the Hudson, and SO SORRY you were delayed, I cry when my plane is even an hour late! The girls are SO beautiful!

James, Dawn and Family said...

Hooray your home! I'm sending prayers your way for the weeks to come for you,the girls and your Dr's.

Adeye Salem said...

Hi Karin,
So happy you are home---now to just get over the jet-lag! Can't wait to see pics of ALL your family together.

Angie said...

Welcome home, and Happy 3rd Birthday, Cate! I can't wait to see more photos and read about your family.