Thursday, January 22, 2009

Activity Inside the "Shoe"

Inside the Shoe today, I overheard some giggles coming from the stairway. Oh...don't tell me... Jillian, who was home 'sick' with strep, was instructing Kate and Zoey in the fine art of sliding down the stairs. The first stage was bumping their little bottoms down each step. This resulted in a flurry of giggling. Next, as their courage grew, Jillian asked for volunteers to sit on her lap and take a ride. Zoey was the first to jump on board, and off they flew down the steps.

I wonder how long before they start looking for the baby mattress that they were using last time?

They also had a wonderful time emptying the dress-up bin. Poor Zoey, aka Sponge Bob, fell over and couldn't get up without help, due to her bulky costume.

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